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Upgrading your Cell Phone?

Updated on April 13, 2013

Recently I had received an email from my cell phone service telling me that I am eligible for an upgrade. I always get the 2 year service which is what most cell phone companies offer and I try to get a phone that I am able to afford with the budget that I have. I have known people who are up for an upgrade but they have never upgraded their cell phone service for probably even a year. What I wonder is if it is necessary to upgrade every 2 years?

Cell phones are not as cheap as you can think. When an upgrade is offered, phones are lowered down from their original price most of the time and this gives us the opportunity to get the most newest phone at a discounted price. After speaking with some people who work with me, I realized that they didn't upgrade their phones or service due to the change of price and that some of the phones are not as inexpensive as they would like it. Most of them say that they just need a phone for phone calls and nothing else so they are not really looking for one of the smart phones that are out now.

Some phone companies have also changed their plans and they do not offer unlimited data, text or calls like they used to and so we have to choose which plan we like the best. Then we have some companies that still offer unlimited plans but they don't have a good service. There is more that we now have to choose and think about as we upgrade our cell phone service, such as the phone and service.

Now that a lot of people don't have a land line like before, we have to make a choice that will be worth our budget and one that we can afford. Cell phones seem to be the only way to keep in communication now and so we have to determine what the best plan is when we consider an upgrade. Are you one to always upgrade your service? Do you go for the phone or for the best plan that is available?


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