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Upload your emails and contacts from Outlook to Gmail

Updated on August 22, 2011

I had a client that wanted to move all his emails and contacts from outlook to gmail! I've never tried it so I went searching on the net to find the answer... Fortunately it was very simple!

So, if you like to import all existing email messages and contacts from Microsoft Outlook (also works on Outlook Express and Thunderbird) into your online Gmail account, Google has a free utility for you.

The Email Uploader preserves information such as sent dates and sender/recipient data, as well as the folder structure used by the other email program. The Google Email Uploader requires a Google Apps account.

The Email Uploader is Apache 2.0 licensed open source software, and is governed by the terms of the included license file. This means you may modify the tool to better suit your needs.

Get the Google Email Uploader from Google Code - available for Windows XP and Vista. This utility was earlier for Google Apps Premier customers only but Google recently pushed it for the free Google Apps accounts as well.

With this simple program it's very easy to do this, so try it out and let me know how it went!

Another way to import contacts to Gmail

If you don't want to use this tool you have another way to import your contacts from outlook to gmail.

First you have to go to your Outlook. Open it, go to your contacts and on the file menu chooso to export all contacts to a csv file.

Then, in your gmail account, go to "contacts", "import" and then choose the csv files you have exported earlier.

It's that simple :)

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