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Use VoIP In Your Business to Save Money

Updated on February 28, 2013
How VoIP can save you Money
How VoIP can save you Money

VoIP – a Superior Technology

Businesses are always looking to save money and with VoIP, they can dramatically cut the costs of communication. There are many ways in which this can happen. The Internet is such a flexible technology that it can be used for multiple purposes and can be customized specifically for your organization's needs. Here is how VoIP can save your business money.

International Calls

Cheap international calls are the prime example of the enormous cost savings that can accrue to your business. Traditional PSTN calls – even those with special plans – make speaking to a person in another country extremely expensive. This is mainly due to interconnection fees. The legacy phone system has evolved in a certain way and changing it is next to impossible without getting every single entity on board. The Internet on the other hand can travel freely between nations with no additional costs. And because of this, VoIP calls to other countries are dirt cheap.

Some businesses rely heavily on employees or partners who reside internationally and they can save thousands and thousands of dollars using VoIP.

Inter-Employee Communication

It's easy to set up a PSTN phone network in such a way that calls within the same location or building can be made for free. Just dial the other person's extension. Unfortunately, this doesn't work so well when the people you need to talk to are spread out over multiple locations or if they're on the move and are using their smartphones. It is estimated that a huge chunk of all of an organization's communication takes place between the employees themselves. You can take this cost down to nothing with a VoIP service since everyone will be using the same network. It'll be just like sending an e-mail or an IM message.

The benefits of free inter employee communication and cheap international calls are just two examples of how VoIP can save you money. Depending on the specific New York PBX provider, you can sign up for a plan that will either charge you a flat rate for unlimited calls or a "pay-as-you-go" scheme. Either way can save you money depending on how much you have been overpaying for your existing telephone network.

The benefits go far beyond mere cost-cutting however. A hosted VoIP phone system comes replete with several features that can benefit your business and improve the efficiency of your operations. Contact an SIP provider today to find out how easy it is to get started.


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