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Use VoIP Through GSM to Call Anywhere

Updated on May 23, 2013
The Benefits of VoIP
The Benefits of VoIP | Source

Alternate Calling Options

The traditional PSTN phone system has been around for a long while. It served us well for decades. Even when smartphones entered the scene, the fundamental calling technology remained the same with the same limitations and cost structure. When the Internet first appeared, it was slow and unreliable. We couldn't rely on it for real-time communications. Many of us would remember trying to use Skype over dial-up connections and dealing with the frustrations of latency and lag.

The Internet of today however is a very different beast. Even though the US ranks pretty low amongst the list of developed countries when it comes to bandwidth speeds, broadband is still a reality and has achieved deep penetration in to most parts of the country. In most cases, the net connection is not only sufficient for VoIP, but far exceeds it. This also holds true for mobile devices. We witnessed the same progression from slow too fast – except that it was much more rapid this time. As a result, we can make VoIP calls using our wireless data networks to make up for some of the limitations of our existing phone systems.

When Can You Use VoIP?

You're probably asking yourself what the purpose of VoIP is when you already have a functioning phone system. While it is true that if you are under contract and have a fixed number of minutes to use up, VoIP has limited usage except in special cases. If on the other hand you are in charge of your phone plan and are not bound down by contracts, VoIP becomes a very real option that can be significantly cheaper than the alternatives.

But even for those who are in contracts, there are situations when the PSTN system fails you. Either your voice minutes have gotten over and you don't want to pay extra, or you need to make international calls the charges for which are extremely high using the regular network. In both these scenarios, VoIP is be an extremely useful supplement that can save you money.

If your're a business, the cost savings from implementing hosted VoIP systems can run into thousands and thousands of dollars. You can dramatically improve employee productivity as well as reshape the way your workforce communicates with an SIP business VoIP system that gives employees the flexibility to work from anywhere while replicating the office experience. The best part is that you can reuse your existing telephone infrastructure by using ATA adapters at least for the initial phase. Contact a VoIP service provider to find out how you can get started today.


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