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Send files to your friends through internet

Updated on March 3, 2013

Utorrent can be an easy way to share files and folders with your friends. Make sure you have downloaded and installed uTorrent. If you haven't installed you can download it from

1. Open uTorrent, goto File and select “Create New Torrent” from menu.

2. Select a file or a folder you want to share from the category “Select Source”.

Note: You can only select either a single file or a folder. If you wish to select multiple files, put all the files into a folder and select it.

3. After selecting the contents to be shared. Check “Start seeding” in other category at the bottom of dialog box to start seeding immediately. Seeding is the torrent name for making it available for download.

4. Now click “Create and save as”. You will be prompted to save the torrent file. Save the torrent file anywhere you would like to. This is the file which will allow anybody to download the content you share using uTorrent.

5. Now you can see your torrent file in the “Seeding” menu.

7. Stop seeding: Suppose you no longer need to share the files. You can easily do that by right-clicking the file-> Stop.

6. You're now ready to share your torrent file. You can now send your torrent file to someone for allowing them to download the files or folder you have shared.

  1. Stop: - Stops the seeding of files. You will be able to resume seeding later on.

  2. Remove: - Removes the torrent listing from uTorrent, but doesn't delete the actual torrent file from your computer.

Note: If you want your files to be listed in torrent sites. You have to create an account with them and upload the torrent files.


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