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Blogger Widget, Feedjit Live Traffic Feed

Updated on March 25, 2011

I have been using this widget call feedjit live traffic feed for my blog such as or to track how people are coming to my blog.

It gives me some idea how well i have optimize my site to be search engine friendly and provides some intelligent data how to make my sites better.

I know what keywords people are using to find information about their interest. So, with this kind of information it helps you to increase your blogging productivity.

The widget is totally free and the steps to install is very easy. Just sign in into your blogger first.

Then go to this url to add the widget,

There is four types of widget you could add in, they are Feedjit Live Traffic Feed, Live Traffic Map, Recommend Reading & Page popularity.

To add in the live traffic, below Feedjit Live Traffic Feed Click To Add To Blogger link to add the widget in your blogger. It will redirect to your blog.

Choose the blog you want to add in the widget, then arrange the widget position in your blogger layout and Click Save.

Now, view the blog and it is there !

Blogger Plugin, Feedjit Live Traffic Feed
Blogger Plugin, Feedjit Live Traffic Feed


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      Wonderful......This post is really very informative.........thanks