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Useful iPad Apps For Moms

Updated on July 26, 2014

As a mom, you know what it's like to be busy.  Running here, running there, always doing something for somebody else.  Here are a few apps that will help you with your day to day life as well as a few that will entertain YOU!

Cozi - The Family Calendar, Schedule, and Lists

Calendar and Schedule

If you are not familiar with Cozi, it is a family calendar and schedule.  They started out as an online resource, but they now have expanded into the iPad world as well as iPhone and Android.  You can create appointments for each member of the family so you know where everyone should be at any given time.  Notifications can be send via email or text message.  You family appointments can be color coded by person and you can select multiple people for an appointment.


Within this app you can keep the lists you make every day.  To-do lists and shopping lists are set up waiting for your input.  Once a shopping list is made, you can send the list to cell phone.  When someone is already running errands, shoot them the list to stop on their way home.  Like Cozi says, Family Life.  Simplified.

Campbell's Kitchen - Recipes Galore

Looking for dinner inspiration? Download Campbell's Kitchen app for thousands of recipes. Search by ingredient, prep time, and cook time. Most recipes come with beautiful pictures and well written directions.

Each recipe comes with a list of ingredients that you can send to a shopping list -which in turn, you can send to your spouse! Nutritional information is also included, which is helpful when trying to track calories!

Calorie Counter - Track Your Diet and Activities

Being a busy mom, we are always taking care of someone else.  We need a simple way to take care of ourselves.  Keeping track of our weight is important to many moms.  With Calorie Counter, they make it easy to do that.  The app has over 400,000 food items to select from to add to your tracker.  There are also tons of recipes in there with nutritional information included.

Besides keeping track of your food intake, you can also track your daily activities.  Eating well is n't everything, we need to get our bodies moving.  This app helps gauge what activities you do and how many calories are being burnt off.

Many like to track just the number on the scale, but this app allows you to also track your measurements.  Everyone is built differently, so tracking your measurements may keep you from giving up when the scale won't budge.  Sometimes, the scale looks stuck, but your measurements are shrinking.  This is a good motivator to keep pushing through.

Words With Friends HD - Addicting, But Fun Game!

You may not be a huge fan of Scrabble, but you should give Words With Friends HD a try. It is basically Scrabble played on the iPad, but because you are able to play with friends and family across the miles, it is so much fun.

The app is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and now Android. So, you will definitely have at least one friend to play with! If not, you can start a game with another user looking to play. Games can take anywhere between a few short hours to days depending on when you and your opponent get a chance to take their turn.


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