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Common Issues of Latest HDTV Sets - Read Before You Buy

Updated on December 16, 2015
Pay only for the technology that is proven and productive as per your preferences.
Pay only for the technology that is proven and productive as per your preferences.

Latest TV Technology

TV technology is a one of the rapidly developing technology. New models are releasing to the market every year. Most common and advanced features and technology incorporated by TV manufacturers and observed on latest TV sets are LED display technology, 4K Ultra HD resolution, 3D technology, Built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and smart TV technology where they have incorporated OS to run many other programs in the TV sets such as YouTube, brows internet, play online games, check mails and use video conferencing.

In nutshell , in simple terms it is a high definition TV set integrated with computer technology as a value addition to provide high quality TV set with more flexible features to the consumers. Manufacturers promotes and talk about their latest features with high price tags. And these new technology features are talked everywhere and promoted by retailers. However, the real performance of those latest TV sets and their features only can be learnt from the user feedbacks. There are different user perspectives on these features based on their preferences. Also, there are some technology issues that most of the users have rate it negatively. So, following paragraphs highlights main issues observed during their initial use of latest TV sets in the market.

Common Problems Observed in LED Edge Lit TVs:

One of the common problems observed in LED edge lit TV is that edge lighting was clearly visible. This edge bleeding is really distracting the viewing. Many new users have made complaints on this issues and commented on user reviews in retail websites.This happens due to poor quality control issues of production process and in many instances the manufacturer replaces the screen if the TV is under warranty.

Bad Spots

Also, sometimes, due to poor manufacturing standards, bad spots could be observed on the screen which you are unable to fix without replacing the screen. This is also due to poor quality control of the products and it is important to check the TV set before you buy and their terms and conditions on warranty repair and replacement.

Tech Support Issues:

Also, it is reported in most of the user reviews in retail websites that the tech support is unable to help and resolve their problems due to two main reasons. The number one problem is difficult to reach tech support and secondly they are not competent enough to solve the problem. This happens due to new users are unable to explain the exact problem and inability to follow the tech support instructions due to complicated menu settings.

Most of the time, users are forced to reset the TV set to bring it to original factory settings causing them to lose all the passwords and preferred setting making them more frustrated on their new purchase.

Menu Settings and Operating Systems:

Also, it is reported in most of user experiences that latest TVs looked great at beginning and they encounter problems, the more they start watching. Most of the times built in applications are crashing. For an example, YouTube, Netflix, etc often crash in the middle of use.

Most of the people get frustrated with using latest TVs having HD and smart features due to their complexities of settings. Their menus are complicated and too much of options where new user get disorientated when go to menu setting to setup the TV. As a result of this, most of the time they do not get expected performance and picture quality from their latest TVs. In most of the Menus in latest TVs, it is observed that you need to navigate through sub menus to change simple settings that most of the users do every day. Another drawback observed in latest smart TVs is very complicated Menu settings due to so much of options and because of the complex computing it need to do, it lags during option selection. However, after the TV performs a self-update, this problem seems resolved in many occasions. Also, it is observed that most of frequently used mode selections are buried deep within the General settings menu section. This has compromised the user friendliness of the latest TV sets. Latest TVs are using Operating Systems to run their menus and execute functions, and sometimes such operating system software crashes. However, quick turn off and turn on fixes these problems.

Weak Wi-Fi

Also, most of the users are not satisfied with the performance of built in Wi-Fi in many latest TVs as it needs a line of sight. Therefore they have used cable connection to get internet access.

Technology need to mature based on user experience to offer more user  friendly interfaces.
Technology need to mature based on user experience to offer more user friendly interfaces.

Effects of Curved TV Sets:

Also, there are latest Curved TV and those are not suitable for everyone. If you are sensitive to motion sickness it is advisable not to buy Curved TV set. Unfortunately, some users have returned the Curved TV sets because they have got motion sickness even after doing recommended calibration settings. Most of the time this happens due to complexities involved in changing settings and amount of calibrations required to set the TV to perfect viewing.

Features Based on Geographical Locations:

Some TV manufacturers have restricted certain features based on geographical locations. So, it is important to check before you buy, whether your location is compatible with the services and features offered by the latest TV sets.

Problems with Remote Controllers:

Most of the latest TV remotes do not have number buttons on it. In latest remotes you find arrows keys to navigate in the menu like you do in your computers. Basically, the smart TVs have integrated the features of a TV and computer together. So that it is necessary to navigate and select features in TVs operating based on OS software. Therefore, performing simple tasks such as changing the volume, selecting Bluetooth, or changing the brightness need select from the menus and going into sub menus making it complicated to operate.

Issues with Cables:

Some latest TV sets do not come with cable/satellite feature for users who are using aerial antenna or cable TV channels. Sometimes, the supplied cords are very short creating complexities in installing the TV sets which can quickly lead to a lot of frustration.

Issues with Glossy Screens:

Another important observation of latest TV its extremely glossy screen. You will find that fingerprints and handprints are quite noticeable on the screen when the TV is powered off.

Issues with TV Stands

Some big TVs have poor design of the stand. The weight spread over a small base causing the TV to lean on one side. Therefore, it is necessary to have precautions on stability and safety of the TV on stands.

Software glitches are common problem in smart TV sets
Software glitches are common problem in smart TV sets

Issues with One Connect:

One Connect is the feature that connect all type of data to the TV using one port. This feature provides only One Connect Mini box as the sole method to connect HDMI ports. Also, most of the time it is observed that the One Connect wire is too short to run through a wall when mounting the TV and there is no place to house the One Connect box so it is tricky to find a spot for it when wall mounting. Most of the times it is possible to mount to the back of the TV using ties, but it was definitely a hassle compared to fishing wire through the wall and plugging it in directly. Also, the short wire restricts the installation of TV on mountings.

Issues with Soap Opera Effect:

Many users do not like “soap opera effect", the super-smooth effect that makes film sources look like video on your TV. However, there is an option to switch off that feature, although you may have to accept some other performance compromises.

Issues with 4K TV Sets:

Also it is important to notice the compatibility issue of movie, video and TV broadcasting technology with latest 4K TVs. Still none of the above industries use technology with 4K resolution to produce their media. And as per the expert prediction, it will take another 3-5 years to truly upgrade their technology to produce media to meet 4K resolution standards of latest TVs. Because most of the time, you will need to change the TV set after 4-5 years due to aging, and rapid change of technology. However, when considering the amount of Dollars you pay to purchase 4K TV which media is not supported at present and need to wait for another 3-5 years of time, it becomes unnecessary investment.

Do you read user feedbacks before making purchase decisions?

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Final Advise

There are different brands marketed by retailers promoting latest features with high price tags. As an active consumer, it is important to select best TV set which is satisfying your preferences. Ask following questions from yourself before making final decision to buy a TV.

  • What features I expect in a TV set
  • What are the use of such features that I am expecting
  • Is it worth to pay additional money for the technology which I do not intended to use
  • What is the reliability of the TV set I have selected
  • What are the common issues as per user feedbacks
  • Do I need to read user feedbacks to have proper understanding on reliability and performance of the TV set that I intend to buy.
  • Do I need to look for other brands to have more understanding
  • Do I need to get assistance to setup the TV
  • Can I handle the settings by myself.
  • Do I get the best price for the offered technology and features.


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