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Uses and Abuses of Internet by Young generation

Updated on March 27, 2013

Computer has become everybody’s need. It has become an n essential part of modern life. It is everywhere .It is in homes, hospitals, banks educational institutions, shops and mills. It has achieved the status of a compulsory partner of the today’s human beings. In this age which is in fact the age of computer, every field of life is connected to computer. From the police to policy makers and from the manufacturer to retailer everybody is using computer according to their own needs. It is a marvellous invention which is making progress rapidly.

As everybody knows it is an electronic device that processes data according to our instructions and shows results within no time. It has become pervasive due to its fast speed, accuracy and reliability. It has given birth to information technology which has become the flesh and blood of modern life.

This modern technology is being used in political decision making and military campaigns. Rockets satellites and spaceships are controlled by it. Banking, medicine, engineering, education and business enterprises are a few fields which are benefiting greatly from it. Software and software houses are there to envisage new dimensions for the human beings.

Medical science and education are two major fields which owes greatly to this technology. Mathematics, physics, literature, fine arts, banking and management sciences are especially thankful to it. Internet is at the service of the researchers to find every new development. It is a wonderful aspect of this modern technology. It has not only made contacts easy but also has made the world a village in real sense. It has brought about a revolution in the field of information and communication. Everybody can access countless websites, programmes scientific discoveries social and economic developments, cultural events and libraries. It has become a great source of entertainment also.

Everybody eulogize the modern science without looking into its demerits. It is the one side of the coin. The other side is ugly and unbearable. Internet has opened the ways to vulgarity and immorality. The net cafes are spoiling the young generation .It is a waste of time, money and above all moral and cultural values. Internet or information technology is also misused intentionally. It is used as the source of disinformation. The so called social websites are used for this purpose. They are obnoxiously spoiling the young generation.

Information technology has another negative aspect too. It has confined the people toothier houses. There is no spare time for healthy activities like sports games, social gatherings, cultural events and physical exercise. Children are a prey to games which are often violent in nature and demoralize them. Many young people chose the negative aspect of the gamers and become criminal. A lot of terrorism is the result of these games.

It is the need of the hour to put the information technology and the internet on the right track. Its wrong used must be stopped. The government and social organizations along with parents and teacher should come forward to set the things aright. Strict actions are required to check the misuse of this great source of knowledge.


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