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Uses for Tablet Computers

Updated on November 30, 2012
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Why Use A Tablet PC

The multiple functions and convenience of a tablet are the main reasons why people are using it as a replacement for a traditional personal computer. In addition, there are many uses that a tablet can offer at a very reasonable cost. Because the capabilities of non-PC types of devices are getting more powerful and faster, using a tablet to replace a PC is possible but it may not provide all the features and functions that a full fledged PC can offer.

Here are some of the more basic usages that people would typically use a PC but can now consider using a tablet in its place. I have rated each category as either great, good, or fair based upon how I felt a tablet's usage would work.

Main Uses for Tablet PC

Web browser - Good, fairly seamless. While the tablet may come with a default browser it is almost always possible to download another browser of your choice. There are even versions of the PC browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera that can also run on tablets.

E-mail - Good, since e-mails are normally short then writing and reading e-mails on a tablet can be easy and useful.

Word processor - Fair, it is not quite so easy and quick to type on the onscreen keyboard with only your thumbs or two fingers. NOTE : I'm writing this on a tablet to get a better understanding on how it feels and while it has been convenient using a tablet instead of sitting in front of a computer. But when writing with the tablet's touchpad and using only a finger or two while I know I could type faster on a real keyboard using both my hands and all ten fingers.

Other uses for Tablet PC

Digital picture frame - Good, while having a device that can only perform this single function might well have its place. But there are very good apps for tablets that can show pictures and even perform slideshows in equal if not better ways than a product that is a standalone digital picture frame device.

Media player - Good, another equally capable function to have the tablet perform is to play music the only drawback might be the tablet's speaker capability may not be too good. To get around this limitation one could take the headphone jack's output and connect it to an external speaker system to deliver better sound quality and power.

Gaming device - Great, there are many games available from free ones to paid ones versions. But even if you need to pay for games the price is generally not too high. While the games themselves may not be high definition nor the most advanced games, there are a number of quality games that are fun, exciting, interesting, and even educational or challenging to the brain.

Stopwatch/timer - Good, a variety of apps are available to choose from. I wanted this functionality to use the timer for baking in the kitchen and to use as a stopwatch when timing the length of time my kids' would practice on the piano. There are even timers that can track multiple times so you can be cooking or baking dishes with different cooking times.


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