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Using Chrome on my Kindle Fire HD

Updated on June 4, 2013

For most people who get their Kindle Fire HD straight from the Amazon store, it doesn't come with a lot of apps as it only comes with some basic apps that can get your started. Sure it does come with Amazon's silk browser which is also a cool browser for Android, the feeling is just not the same if you were using a Chrome browser on a tablet like this one.

Can Google Chrome really work on the Kindle Fire HD? Sure it can and I'm already using it on my device but it didn't come pre-installed nor is it yet available on the Amazon appstore. The bottom line is that if you want to install Chrome browser on you Kindle, you just have to first get the apk file and install it on your system as a third party software for which Amazon doesn't offer any guarantees.

It is not actually the desktop Chrome browser that you should install on your Kindle but the Android version titled Chrome for Android which is officially available at the Google play store. The downside to getting any apps from the Google play store is that it doesn't accept Kindle device unless you root your device but I wound't advise taking that risk when you cna simply get the apk file from a lot of free download websites.

Things you can do with the Chrome browser on your Kindle

  1. It can open up mobile and desktop version of websites
  2. Import your settings like bookmarks and others by signing in and syncing
  3. Watching Youtube videos
  4. Supports javascript and css
  5. Supports incognito browsing
  6. Opens multiple tabs

Actually, you won't really notice much difference between using chrome on your Kindle and using it on your desktop. It provides the same feeling and hardly crashes unlike some browsers.

Where to get Chrome for android apk file? Well, you can get it from free apk sources like your friends, websites offering direct downloads or using torrents. I got it using torrent but you should make use of a good antivirus so that your system doesn't get infected. Afterwards, you can just copy the file straight to Kindle and then opening it with a third party folder explorer like ES explorer.

How to install Chrome on Kindle Fire HD

  1. Copy the chrome apk to your device
  2. Allow third party installations in your settings
  3. Open the file with ES file explorer
  4. Allow the installation
  5. Open the browser by going to Apps > Chrome

Now you can start using Chrome as well as your Silk browser when browsing with your Kindle. Once installed in your apps, Kindle would start officially recognizing the browser.

Hope this helps?


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