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Using HTML for Backpage Advertising: Breaking Down Basic HTML Codes So That You Can Understand

Updated on February 3, 2017

Business owners need not forget; classified ad marketing will get you results. Even though the concept isn't quite as new as article, mobile, or video marketing; it still works.

When applying Backpage to your marketing arsenal one strategy that definitely should not be omitted is the use of basic HTML codes.

A properly devised classified ad can mean the difference of actually selling that $4,000 vehicle, or not getting anyone to see it at all! Using HTML for Backpage will help your advertisement speak for itself, and even rank respectively on a search engine query.

In this article you will learn some codes that you should keep in mind for the classified ad giant.

What is HTML?

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is the authoring language used to create documents on the world wide web. Easily confused with some form of alien dialect, this coding structure is the basis of a website creation. If the human body is a website (or webpage) then the biological cells are basic HTML codes.

Hypertext refers to the method by which one navigates the internet. By "hyper" being the prefix this means that the text you are reading is in no permanent order, or has any particular characteristics.

It's simply not linear. Markup describes what HTML tags do to the text inside them (the tags). They determine the actual appearance of the text. And as for language, well, it truly is from a foreign mind. Today, however, it will be simplified for you.

HTML was conceived in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee of CERN. This is a laboratory for particle physics in Geneva, Switzerland. Basically, a meeting place for physicists all over the globe. Who would've thought that one of the internet's pioneers would originate in this part of the world?

Why use HTML for Backpage?

By applying basic HTML codes in your classified ads you immediately add presentability and professionalism to them. Despite it being primarily an advert website, Backpage to date ranks as one of the top 500 websites in the USA.

While powerful, it still uses a very basic interface as the site is text based and not HTML based. One look at the Backpage home page and even the novice internet user can tell that it is very stripped down. Using HTML for Backpage helps to get your advertising points across to the reader.

These codes will assist you in tweaking the look of your ad. By using the codes illustrated in this article, you will then be able to provide good spacing (or white space), bulleted lists, desired font colors, or maybe even center your verbiage within the ad.

Basic HTML coding also allows you to hide ridiculously long URLs behind keywords. You see it very often while perusing the internet. This hyperlinking helps your ads get indexed faster by search engines, provided that hot keywords are used within the HTML for Backpage.

Here is a list of popular, yet basic HTML codes you can use on Backpage:

The Hyperlink (Anchor Text)

This coding is for when you wish to have the reader of your advert go directly to a website by clicking on any text.

(example) <a href="">Any Website for Information</a>

(will look like this) Any Website for Information

By using this coding you can turn unclickable text into clickable text.

This is very important for the sake of getting your ads indexed in search engines. Engine bots will crawl this hyperlink and cross reference the keyword being used to the website "behind" the text. The more relevant the site is to the keyword, the greater chance you will have of getting your ad indexed.


Whenever you want an image, paragraph, or word centered in the body of the ad, use this HTML for Backpage:

(example) <center>anyword</center>

All you have to do is place these HTML tags at the beginning and at the end of the body. This will center everything in between them.

Be Bold!

When constructing your advertisement and you want a word bolded, use these tags:

(example) <b>FREE!</b>

(will look like this) FREE!

These come in handy when you want to place emphasis on a selling point or remind the reader that something is "free." Do not go overboard with bolding because it can actually hurt the indexing of your ad. Google among others, are very good at finding the manipulators of SEO (search engine optimization).

Line You up For Success

Wish to have something underlined in your ad? Just surround it with these HTML tags:

(example) <ul>underline me!</ul>

(example) underline me!

You can underline the words in your entire ad, but careful not to confuse the reader. Sometimes they can mistake this for being a hyperlink.

Give me a break!

Although you can simply hit enter to move your cursor down a few lines, adding this break can help when separating a single sentence from a paragraphs.

(example) <p>I want this sentence to stand alone from the rest.</p>

Do you see how those tags were just used? They add white space between lines. This is often times helpful on classified ad sites like Backpage and it can help on various blogging platforms. The other type of break (<br>) will literally break a sentence in half.

For more information on this one see this list of accepted HTML for Backpage.

For BIG Business

This one is great for those that have a little trouble seeing the traditional font size or for if you just want something to stand out:

(example) <big>Sometimes bigger is better.</big>

Italicised Text

This HTML for Backpage is good to use when you'd like to stress on things in your ad:

(example) <i>I love italics!</i>

(will look like this) I love italics!

...and Listing

A bulleted list will makes the read easier for most people and can make your offers more attractive. Keep in mind that like most other basic HTML codes the list tag can be used in combination, like:





(will look like this)

  • Honda
  • Nissan
  • Kia


Highlight selling points using these tags:





(will look like this)

  • Honda
  • Nissan
  • Kia

All of these formats are very popular on BP so please feel free to reference this article.

In all, notice how the tag that closes off whatever it is you're changing includes the forward slash. Forget to include any element of these codes and you won't get the result you wish.

They are that sensitive! You can thank the Swiss gentleman for that.

Regardless of your cause for posting a classified ad, this marketing strategy is still very effective. Don't worry, because it won't take long for you to grasp HTML for Backpage.

After a while you will even find yourself implementing them on other websites. Godspeed, fellow entrepreneurs.

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