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Using MS Office 2007 Templates

Updated on April 14, 2015
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Amelia has over 25 yrs of experience in the IT, Training and Education industry, Instructional Designer and eLearning industry.

Have You Checked Out The Templates in MS Office Lately?

I used to love the Wizards and Templates in the earlier versions of Word. Then with some versions of Office, it seemed as though wizards went away and so did some nifty templates. Microsoft Office is packed with awesome templates, from Awards, Business Forms, Memos, Newsletters and Resumes. There’s even some old wizard favorites hidden in there.

Accessing Word Templates
Accessing Word Templates | Source

How to Access Templates in Microsoft Office

To access templates in Microsoft Office:

From any Office application, click on the Office Button, then click New.

From the New Document window, you can select to view installed templates or templates you’ve saved, or view from a long list of template categories.

Templates save you time, and offer a wide range of pre-formatted documents including different types of letters, charts, awards, flyers, financial documents, presentation layouts, and much, much more.

Templates vary depending on the application. Here's just some of the available templates:

Word, Excel and PPT Sample Templates

I think most of us are just too busy to go through all the templates, but it's nice to know that they're there if you need them.

Here's a few that I've used:

  • Award template in Word - for creating certificates for employees who attended computer classes. Also create for kids for sports or other achievement awards.
  • Fax template in Word - after customizing, I saved my fax cover sheet and then it's ready to re-use each time for faxing.
  • Invoice template in Excel - very easy to customize then save as your own.

Through use of templates, you can create simple and complex documents easily, using a pre-formatted document, including invoices, agendas, inventories, award certificates, diagrams, and more!

Word Award Template
Word Award Template | Source
Business Card Template
Business Card Template | Source
Party Invitation Template
Party Invitation Template | Source

Do You Use Templates?

What do you use templates for and do you find them helpful?

What is your favorite template that you can recommend?

Please share your template ideas below!

© 2010 Amelia Griggs


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