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Using Milestone Tasks in Microsoft Project 2010

Updated on January 4, 2013

A milestone task is used as a reference point in your project that is used to monitor the projects progress.

A task with a duration of zero days is automatically formatted as a milestone task. However you can create milestone tasks with greater than zero days.

Create a Milestone Task with Zero Days Duration

  1. Insert a new row in your task list where you want the milestone task to appear
  2. Enter a task name for the milestone
  3. Enter 0 in the Duration column and press Enter
  4. Link the milestone task to the tasks in the project that it is dependent upon to schedule it correctly

When you create a milestone task by entering a duration of zero days, project formats the milestone in the Gantt Chart using the diamond symbol

Milestone task in a project
Milestone task in a project

Create a Milestone with a Duration Greater than Zero Days

1. Double click on the name of an existing task which you want to use as a milestone

2. The Task Information dialogue box appears. Click the Advanced tab

3. Check the Mark task as milestone box

Mark a task as a milestone
Mark a task as a milestone

4. Click Ok

When creating a milestone using a task with greater than zero days duration, Project displays the diamond symbol to represent a milestone on the last day of the task.

Diamond symbol on the last day of the task
Diamond symbol on the last day of the task

Add Milestone Tasks to the Project Timeline

You can share a projects progress by adding the milestone tasks to the project timeline and exporting it. The timeline can be copied into an email or presentation for sharing.

The default view in Project 2010 is a combination view of the Gantt Chart and the Timeline. If you cannot see the timeline;

  1. Click the View tab on the Ribbon
  2. Click the Timeline check box in the Split View group

With the timeline visible, you can now add the milestone tasks to it;

  1. Click in the Timeline part of the screen to activate it
  2. Click the Format tab on the Ribbon under Timeline Tools
  3. Click the Existing Tasks button in the Insert group

Add milestone tasks to the timeline
Add milestone tasks to the timeline

4. Check the milestone tasks from the task list and click Ok
5. The milestone tasks are added to the timeline. To share the project progress, click the Copy Timeline button and select the method of sharing from the list (For E-mail, For Presentation, Full Size)
6. Paste the copied timeline into the presentation, email or document

Export the project timeline
Export the project timeline


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