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Using Vonage's new VoIP functionality with Facbook

Updated on August 4, 2010

Making VoIP easy to use

Switching over from one entrenched system to another is never easy. Even when the new system is better in almost every way, the legacies of the previous systems still remain. Let's look at the example of cars. Suppose electric cars came into vogue and a way was found around the mileage and speed problems, we would still have difficulty making the transition.

This is because a lot of infrastructure has been dedicated to oil based fuel powered cars such as petrol bunks, industries built around accessories etc. To implement a different system, we need to have battery recharging stations and a new model built around it.

The same logic is true for VoIP systems and the PSTN infrastructure. Though VoIP is superior in almost every way, there are teething problems and people need to get used to the new way of doing things.

One of the problems is that VoIP systems don't really need telephone numbers anymore. They're still used mainly because VoIP based phone services need to integrate into the PSTN system. By themselves, they can get along just fine by using other identifiers like a person's name or email address.

Using VoIP with Facebook
Using VoIP with Facebook

Using Facebook Contacts

Vonage has come up with an innovative way for people to make use of their huge base of Facebook friends. Users can now easily talk to them without the need for pesky things like phone numbers. This also introduces a measure of privacy. Using VoIP systems, it's easy to block someone and prevent them from getting in touch with you - just like you do with email and messaging applications.

It involves downloading the Vonage VoIP application and using your Facebook credentials to sign in. Once you do this, a list of all your friends will appear on the screen allowing them to chat with you if they too have the Vonage app. You can use the application to send invitations to your friends in order to invite them to download the app too.

It's heartening to see VoIP providers moving away from the PSTN phone system entirely. After all, anyone can have a Facebook page and anyone can download the app. The time will come when the long process of buying a separate phone service will be history. Deciding which phone to buy on the basis of reviews of VoIP phones will allow one to make VoIP systems part of their lives.


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