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Using Windows to Burn Discs

Updated on May 15, 2010

Windows has a built in feature that allows you to burn data or audio discs without the hassle of another program. From my experience, I noticed that using the Windows feature will give you higher risks of getting more disc coasters than a full fledged burning program.

Some of the famous burning programs are Nero and Easy CD Creator. You might have gotten a copy when you purchased your optical drive or computer. If you don’t have any burning program, you either have to buy one or download a very nice, light and free burning program called Imgburn.

I have a hub detailing where to obtain Imgburn from and how to use it. If you are interested then please check the link at the end of this hub.

Here in this hub, we will just use the Windows built in feature, it is very easy to use and straight forward.

Pictures 1,2,3

Creating discs using Windows Explorer:

Insert a disc in your drive and you will be prompted to select the type of disc that you want it to be. (Picture 1)

Both options are self explanatory. The first option lets you use the CD as a USB drive, where you can add and erase data, however not all computers will be able to read such disc. The other option is to finalize the disc once done, that way no more data can be added to it. This guarantees all computers to read it especially ones with older optical drives.

Once a write folder is open you can just drag the files you want directly to it and once done click on “Burn to Disk” as shown in the below picture. (Pictures 2, 3)

To burn Audio CDs you can do the same. You can also create Audio CDs by using Windows Media Player.

Using Media Player to create Audio CDs:

Using Windows Media Player to create Audio CDs is so simple it is not even funny. Begin by inserting your blank disc into your optical drive.

Start Windows Media Player and then click on the Burn tab. (Picture 4)

Drag the songs that you want to burn to the right hand pane of Media Player. Once you have the desired songs selected click on Start Burn (Picture 5)

Windows Media Player will start to burn your disc. (Picture 6)

That is it, very simple, no?


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