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Using the Kindle Fire HDX outside the USA

Updated on October 7, 2013

It is about a year since Amazon release the Kindle Fire HD device and already, there is an improved version of the device. Amazon's new series of Kindles is called Kindle Fire HDX.

What really is the difference between the Kindle Fire HD and the HDX? Well, what I've seen basically is that the latter comes with a faster microprocessor, lighter weight, improved optical display and a new tech support button called MayDay.

Well, if you bought a Kindle Fire HDX from the Amazon US store and probably intend to use it outside the USA either as a result of traveling or for other reasons, you should know that even Amazon noted that there could be some restrictions on using the HDX outside US supported regions.

Things you can do with the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX outside the USA

  1. You can read downloaded books
  2. You can watch your downloaded instant movies
  3. You can transfer movies to the device from your computer or other device
  4. You can also transfer books and pdf to the device
  5. You can use the locally stored apps and play games offline
  6. You can still browse the internet using your browser and a WiFi connection

Obstacles you might face on using a Kindle Fire HDX outside the USA

  1. Geographical restrictions:
  2. Billng address restrictions

How to overcome the obstacles

Geographical restrictions: At times when trying to buy content from the Amazon store such as mp3s, videos, magazines or apps you may receive an error stating that this content is not available to your region. It is a basically a geographical restriction placed on people who may be trying to use the Kindle Fire outside the USA. If you travelled a way from the States with your Kindle and tried to purchase some content and faced this obstacle, then it's basically because Amazon has placed limit to your Kindle purchases based on your IP location.

The easy way to overcome this geographical restriction is to get a US VPN service as this helps you to change your IP address. You should get an account and IP close to a city that your address is located. There are many online VPN providers and once you get an account, you will be able to change your IP address whenever you are connected to the internet and want to purchase some stuff from the Amazon store. Once purchased, you can always download your item anytime you want, even without having to change your IP. Yeah, what I've noticed is that you can access your purchased content from your cloud anytime you want without having to change your IP address but you may just have to change your IP for the few minutes or seconds that you want to make a restricted purchase from the Kindle store. You can make purchases on your computer or laptop using the VPN connection and then would be able to later download the content straight to your Kind.e Fire HDX.

Billing address restrictions: This is a limit placed on your billing address when trying ti purchase content from the Kindle store. If you purchased your Kindle from a US store, you may be able to use any credit or debit card you want but when you want to buy content from the Amazon store using your Kindle, you may always get a restriction based on the fact that you don't have a US credit card attached to your account. This is mostly the case when trying to buy instant movies, mp3 or some other USA restricted stuff. To overcome this restriction, what you basically need to do is to get a US credit/debit card which may be from your bank or even a Virtual Credit card provider. You should get one and add it to your 1-click settings . Once it's added to your 1-click settings, you would have overcome any billing restrictions placed on your device when trying to buy from the Kindle store.

In summary, you basically need 2 things to use your Kindle Fire HD or HDX satisfactorily outside the USA, a US credit card linked to your 1-click settings and a US VPN service.


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