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Vaja cases: the best cases for iPad

Updated on June 22, 2012

If you’re like me and look closely at your expenses this post is not for you, but if you like premium products as much as I do then you’ll love what I will tell you about the best iPad cases you can get out there: the ones made by Vaja.

As others might have said, if you want to get in front why not pay for that a fortune, Vaja requests hard bucks for its cases, as the Vaja iPad case known as Vaja Special Edition Mamut Suela Brown Leather case retails now for 300$, that’s more than half the price of the entry level iPad, which is 499$.

Vaja Special Edition Mamut Suela Brown Leather case
Vaja Special Edition Mamut Suela Brown Leather case

Why pay 300 bucks for a leather iPad case? Because is made from top notch full grain Argentinian cow leather, handpicked and hand manufactured by skilled workers like those who make the interior of a Rolls Royce super car.

Full grain leather means it wasn’t altered in any way, and that’s the key into keeping the smooth and supple aspect of the leather, together with a few tips on how to make it preserve its natural feel in the many years to come. Those tips are: not adhesive stickers on the leather, no markers, no sharp objects, don’t overstretch it by putting too many things into pockets and don’t conceal the iPad Vaja leather case into a non-breathable cloth, as air is the one making the leather keep its texture over time.

Now, back to the leather Vaja cases most popular at the time: Special Edition Mamut Suela Brown, this must be the nicest leather case for iPad ever seen (but more might come from Vaja), as the unique texture you get with every item is just astonishing to look at and touch (if you get the money to spend on such a marvel).

The case features a completely removable front panel that can be fitted on the back of the iPad with the help of a leather grip. All ports and connections are accessible even when the best Vaja case for ipad is in use, so there’s no need to take it ever out after first fitting it to your beloved Apple tablet.

So there you have it, the Vaja case is excellent when it comes to combining premium leather with manufacturing quality and even features that will make your iPad better. All you have to do now is stretch your pockets for 300 bucks.


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