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Vaja ipad case: best leather luxury case for iPad

Updated on June 22, 2012

If you are someone that enjoys leather cases, you need to look into the leather vaja case. This case is made of thick leather that is textured to look like the surface of a basketball. It comes in a beautiful box and the leather is available in brown or black. The material is thick and this helps to give you the padding that you will need to keep the iPad case.

The design of the case is very simple, it has a small logo on the bottom right of the case and a stripe down the front in white. The inside of the case is soft and holds the iPad securely, the device will not slip out and the device stays safe in the case. Inside the case you will find a flap that you will pull out in order to use for typing or to watch movies. This is a case that works in either orientation and this is why it is very useful.

Vaja is a company that is known for luxury ipad cases and this leather case is no exception. The leather version is one of the best vaja cases because of the thick quality leather and the beautifully detailed stitching on the cover.

The con to this case is that it takes two months to make, this means you will be waiting a long time for the case. However, when it arrives, you will be able to keep your iPad protected in beautiful leather that will give you a professional look. The case is designed to look like an agenda, this makes it the perfect solution for any professional. It allows access to every button on the iPad and looks great while not adding much weight to the iPad. If you want affordable luxury, vaja cases is the way to go for an iPad case. 


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