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Velcro Cable Straps

Updated on January 28, 2011

Greetings and welcome to today’s feature hub. This time I would like to discuss small things that make a big difference. Like the rest of the world, most of your everyday activities depend on electricity. To use electricity, we need wires. Unfortunately for us, these wires can sometimes get overwhelming. Because of the number of gadgets and gizmos that need wires, things can get a little too tangled. The good thing though, is that people are aware of this problem that they create products to make life more organized. Included in these products are Velcro cable straps.

What is Velcro?

For the unaware, Velcro is a standard everyday item. It has been the more widely-used and accepted common name for hook-and-loop fasteners. Hook-and-loops are those strips that stick together magically—with one soft and plush side and the other with harder strands. Velcro, however, is a brand name and is a registered trademark in most countries. It was invented by George de Mestral; the word Velcro comes from the two French words velours and crochet.

What is a Velcro cable strap?

It should be obvious at this point. Either way, these are simply straps that go around cables to keep them together. And as such, they are fastened by Velcro. A Velcro cable tie can also permanently attached to a cord with a sort of belt slot. The strap attaches to one cord to make it more stable, and the rest is brought up near to it. Finally, another advantage of these is that they're reusable, unlike normal cable ties which you'd have to cut every time you need to disassemble the wires.

Tips on getting Velcro cable straps

Unlike my other hubs, this is a fairly simple item so I guess this shopping tips portion will be limited. Some of the more obvious tips include getting these in packs. You will save more and you will always have stocks ready. You can never tell when you’re going to need these bad boys so it would be nice to have some always ready. It would also be nice to get those that are color-coded. Organizing different wires that serve different purposes will be a whole lot easier if you can color-code them for organization. Finally, length and width can be another thing to look at, but this is definitely a personal choice. See some of the products below to get an idea of how these Velcro straps are sold and what options are available.


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