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Verizon FiOS vs. Cablevision: Which Offers Better Service?

Updated on December 8, 2009

Which Do You Prefer? Verizon FiOS or Cablevision?

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The fight for triple play supremacy just keeps getting more intriguing as the major players continue to jockey for position and one-up each other. Among the most interesting is the battle between Verizon FiOS, Verizon’s fiber-to-home solution, and Cablevision, America’s fifth largest capable company and one that previously enjoyed a reign of broadband monopoly in the New York area. FioS is expanding into new markets at a rapid pace while Cablevision continues to make improvements to its service just to keep up. On the surface, both offer the best service around, but which one really delivers the good? This comparison will provide some insight that will help you draw your own conclusion.

Verizon FiOS vs CableVision
Verizon FiOS vs CableVision

Key Features

Verizon and Cablevision both cater to varying needs with all-in-one triple-play packages. Cablevision’s iO TV plan comes with free HD programming, tons of on-demand movie options, and a variety of game packs that can be added on to the base package. Its phone service, Optimum Voice, offers unlimited calling and 13 popular call features such as call waiting, call forwarding and voicemail. Throw in super-fast broadband internet and you have a bundle that is definitely worth taking a look at.

FiOS is competitive in the feature department with a fully loaded menu that makes its service hard to pass up. Among the most impressive is its Home Media DVR that offers the ability to control all TVs in the home from a single box. It also acts a media center that allows you to store music and photos, in addition to providing remote control capabilities that permit you to record your favorite programs no matter where you are. Verizon’s phone service is pretty basic with unlimited calling and call features, but the internet plan is what really stands out. All FiOS internet packages come bundled with tons of email features, personal web space, free Wi-Fi, and My Verizon, which provides an intuitive console for managing all of your Verizon services. If you had to choose on features alone, the Verizon FiOS Triple Play would probably be the obvious choice.

Customer Service and Technical Support

FiOS and Cablevision are both stellar when it comes to support.   For example, both have very helpful online systems that allow you to get help in a variety of ways.  You can read through knowledgebases and FAQs, or even visit their respective communities to seek help from staff and other customers.  Furthermore, both service providers can be reached by phone, email or live chat, which adds to the overall convenience.  Keep in mind that the quality of support varies on a number of factors, including the problem at hand, the person handling the issue, and you as a customer.   If it makes you feel any better, FiOS and Cablevision both rank as having good overall support. 

Reliability and Performance

Whether you are after phone, TV, or internet, you need the reassurance that your service will be available with stability that enables it to perform at the highest level. Both Verizon FiOS and Cablevision thrive in this regard. FiOS leverages an impeccable network of fiber-optic lines while Cablevision makes the most of good old fashion copper to provide top-quality high-speed access. Although fiber is said to deliver a faster service, it should help to know that Cablevision has been considered one of the most reliable for years and has the accolades to back it up.

Overall Quality

The fast deployment of Verizon’s FiOS is giving consumers more choice when it comes to their phone, TV and internet services. While it takes advantage of innovative technologies that are helping to revolutionize the market, cable companies like Cablevision are not giving up without a fight. In the end, both make solid options so the best solution is ultimately the one that can satisfy your unique requirements.


For a full comparison of pricing services and technology, Consumer has a great side by side comparison of Verizon FiOS vs Cablevision

Getting the Best Price: keeps a very up-to-date list of the best Verizon FiOS Deals. They also have a newsletter which will help keep you in the loop when Verizon comes out with new promotions.


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    • profile image

      Hector 4 years ago

      If cablevision doesn't upgrade their plant, they will be out of business very soon

    • profile image

      Michael 4 years ago

      This isn't even a fair fight. Cablevision is in the dark ages when it comes to usability. Their system is so archaic I don't understand why anyone uses it. Fios has far more ondemand movie choices and tehyre easier to find. Cablevision's On demand feature is very slow to access and when you do it's extremely difficult to navigate. You couldn't give Cablevision for free..

    • profile image

      Futamarka 4 years ago

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    • seigfried23 profile image

      seigfried23 5 years ago

      I happen to be a Verizon gal...but mostly by default. I never tried to look up any other ISPs once my brother recommended Verizon to me. nice hub.

    • profile image

      bugsme 5 years ago

      Fios all the way,

      Cable-vision has been messing with my location with price hikes and horrible service for years. I've been have internet issues for two years (A high residential area all sharing internet from the same line) and they been playing this game of trying to sell me a premium service..Once I said I was done with them, they been Harassing me to come back with better "packages" they refused to give me when I was a loyal long time customer.

      But to be fair I agree 100% with the "Kick to the left side of your head versus the right" analogy someone else posted. I've heard people playing the switch service game between both companies to force them to do what you pay them a premium service who knows in 2 years. But for now I'm extremely happy with Fios, Plus paying 65 bucks less a month for the service to boot. No installation charges for me, so I don't know what some other other was talking about.

    • profile image

      me 5 years ago

      I just switched from cablevision to fios today and so far so good...main reason i switched is because my internet dropped randomly constantly...also cablevisions tv menu looks so old and boring

    • profile image

      Sean 5 years ago

      I have really done a lot of comparison with both of these. I own 3 rental properties and 2 commercial locations in the same town and currently have half using FIOS and half using Cablevision.

      Reliablility: Cablevision

      I would say that so far, both are similar in reliability with the slight nod to Cablevision. In 5 years I have has 2 outages with cablevision for less than 4 hours each time. FIOS has gone down 2 times in 2 years with one outage of 6 hours and the other 2 hours.

      Customer Support: FIOS

      I found customer support to be fine with both companies... FIOS gets the slight nod here for their technical knowledge but maybe I got lucky.

      Picture Quality: FIOS

      I know they say 1080p is 1080p but I swear that the picture quality in my FIOS locations are superior to those that have Cablevision.

      COST: Cablevision

      No contest here Cablevision gives you way more for the buck. I wouls say after everything is added up my FIOS locations cost about 20% more than cable.

      SPEED: TIE.???

      I am a huge computer geek. Websites load much quicker n FIOS and speed tests say that the FIOS is also much faster. BUT... I have had issues with Netflix streaming video at my FIOS locations and never had the problem with Cableviision.. maybe Verizon put a speedcap on streaming data I don't know but it's a total pain in the ass to have the videos buffer several times.

    • profile image

      Rick 5 years ago

      I prefer fios.1) Better HD picture. 2) Multi room DVR. 3) Faster Internet. 4) NFL Network

    • profile image

      Gregory Castro 5 years ago

      I Like Verizon Fios Because OF The NFL Network

    • profile image

      Wifi hound 5 years ago

      I could never give up my Cablevision service ! The wifi hotspots are my selling point ( and it's way faster then my mobile wifi , which by the way is too much money) , free wifi works for me ,

    • profile image

      iO Man 6 years ago

      The writer is leaving out several important factors. Fios charges ridiculous activation fees and termination fees. Since Cablevision does not have any contracts, they don't charge either. That means they let their product retain the customer-not a legal binding contract. Something to think about.

    • profile image

      tennisnut 6 years ago

      Is the writer serious? Both companies are "stellar" in customer support? These are two of the worst companies when it comes to support, but when you're the only game(s) in town you can be that arrogant.

    • profile image

      tony 6 years ago

      Man I'm din with cable vision. The internet and phone is bean dead all day and they did not fix anything yet I'm switching to fios

    • profile image

      WhyMeLord 6 years ago

      Verizon vs. Cablevision -- not unlike a choice between a kick in the left side of the head vs. a kick in the right side of the head.

      Upper management won't let the worker bees do the job they were hired for. Some support items are totally automated. i.e. lack adult supervision