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Verizon Prepaid Cell Phone for the Texting Teen in Your Life

Updated on July 4, 2011

Anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive way to satisfy the texting teen in your life, look into getting a Verizon prepaid cell phone.

Depending on the teen’s age, the ability to text far outweighs the ability to talk on the cell phone. As long as they can send a barrage of “LOL” or “IDK” or “OMG” the teen is happy.

Verizon Wireless Prepaid Cell Phone
Verizon Wireless Prepaid Cell Phone

Buy Prepaid and Save

Verizon wireless offers a prepaid texting option for unlimited texting for $20 per month. For the $20, depending on the phone, the teen can text anyone on any network within the United States. It doesn’t make a difference if all of her friends are on AT&T or TMobile, as long as they have a cell phone, your teen will be able to text them.

Before running out to get a pre paid cell phone for your teen consider the pros and cons.

Advantages of Cell Phone Carrying Teens

There are actually several advantages to a teen having a cell phone.

  1. There is no need for an adult to carry a cell phone when they are with a texting teen. A texting teenager is better than a personal assistant. No need for hands free driving devices, just ask the teen to send a text to whomever you need to contact and the teen will gladly do it. You can have full conversations with a third party via a teen with well conditioned thumbs.
  2. Home phone availability. No longer is it difficult to speak on your own home telephone. Teens now communicate through texting which leaves the telephone free and available for the adults to use.
  3. Texting forces teens to read and write (well sort of). The reading and writing comes with a whole new abbreviated lingo. While it’s good that they are using words to communicate, quite often the words ‘r not spelt rite.’
  4. You can always communicate with your teen. No matter where they go, they will have their cell phones with them. Parents no longer have to worry about communicating with their teens. The teen is always one text away.


Disadvantage of Cell Phone Carrying Teens

There are several disadvantages of having a teen with a cell phone. The one good thing about the disadvantages is that a parent has the ultimate say and can put an end to each and every disadvantage. Here are a few to consider:

  1. No need to hide from the paparazzi, the paparazzi is alive and well and living in your home. The ability to use the prepaid wireless device for texting also comes along with the ability to take pictures, movies and record sounds. Watch what you say because your words can come back to haunt you.
  2. Nonstop communication. Back in the old days children knew that all calls had to occur before a certain time in the evening. Calling after the cut off hour was unheard of. Now with vibrating cell phones, if you’re not on top of it, teens can communicate well into the night
  3. Texting and walking. ‘nuff said.
  4. Verifying the circle of friends in the contact list. Texting makes it easier for unsavory individuals to communicate with your teen. Adults have to monitor the teen’s contacts.

The Long and the Short of Teens and Pre paid Cell Phones

The cell phone is a double edged sword. With new technology come new challenges. However, the parent does not have to pay a fortune for the teen’s ability to text and communicate with friends. With the Verizon prepaid cell phone service it only costs $20 a month.

The other benefit is that since the Verizon prepaid is a pay as you go plan, if the teen does not use the phone responsibly, hold onto your $20 for a month or so. It’s amazing how quickly they’ll straighten up and become responsible.


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