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Viable Mobile

Updated on July 30, 2013

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Viable Mobile

Volume 3, Issue 4, July 30, 2013

Online learning or distant learning is an option for students to learn at home, but they must be able to have a computer 24/7 to be able to study in a viable setting or environment. This is one of the alternatives available for students who wish to further their education and position in business. Statistics show that schools are ranked by Aptitude Tests to see if they are prepared for higher education. So another issue arises, are the high schools preparing students for the most desired skills to enter into the workforce? Generally they are prepared with some of the skills but not all of them. If the student wants a better paying position or to become an employer or entrepreneur they must acquire more skills in higher education to build a foundation for an enterprise and become successful, or to meet a need for the employer in a higher paid position (

Students who decide on starting work right out of high school are either paid the minimum wage or are paid by the experience they may have acquired while working in school or what skills they have.

Telephones have changed and still remain a wonderful communication device. Initially the inventor of the telephone invented a landline phone, the inventor of the telephone was Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone in 1876 and has the patent on the first telephone. The telephone evolved into a wireless mobile phone and the inventor who invented the first mobile (cell) phone was Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973. The first Prototype was made by Dyna-Tac and it weighed only 2.5 pounds with 30 circuit boards and the capability to dial, call, and have voice systems.

Businesses currently are integrating computers with wireless telephones to perform a variety of functions. The users are delegated to perform multi-tasking as a means of production on their wireless mobile phones. Educational institutions are also acknowledging the variety of tasks that could be performed via wireless mobile phone. Wireless mobile phones like the Droid, Apple IPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4, Virgin Mobile 4G hookups, and numerous others are programmed to complete and have the capability to perform calculations like:

  • time management
  • alarms systems
  • multimedia
  • banking services
  • credit card services
  • communications through texting
  • time management
  • voice, video, and email systems
  • camera (pictures/sharing)
  • gaming applications
  • acts as a mini storage for pictures and telephone numbers
  • immediate social network sharing
  • perform tasks by apps or software applications designed for the type of business’

The above tasks are a partial list of applications the user could engage on wireless phones. some even involve inventory controls and employee time management applications.

All phones require a service provider like Virgin Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Boost Mobile; in some cases broadband is provided with a USB device or custom device like modems. Provider services carry different plans like year to year services contracts or even a pre-paid plan where you can pay-as-you-go month-to-month. Most wireless phones also have Internet capability and that is like having a mini-computer at your fingertips. People could enjoy the freedom of performing searches and browsing the Internet especially their favorite social networks where the bulk of applications is what is trending in today’s market. Of course many businesses also have IT professionals doing many of the tasks on the go instead of in the office cubicle.

Another shift in the use of wireless mobile phones is there resale value in which case they could have a resale value of $200-$250. They also could be taken to Best Buy for donation or other electronic device centers who reuse or rebuild phones .

Technology is shifting into a telecommuting age of business and borderless business environment.


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