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Viber – One of the Most Innovative VoIP Apps around

Updated on January 12, 2012

VoIP Apps for the Masses

One of the biggest challenges for VoIP is to ensure that those who're new to the technology are able to use it without too many hassles. Complex configurations, steep learning curves, and the general confusion about technology all contribute to lower adoption rates. This has plagued the VoIP community for quite a long time – and really, there's nothing much that we can do about it. Until VoIP reaches the same level of standardization that the PSTN system has, it will always be just a little more complicated than we would like it to be.

That doesn't mean however, that individual VoIP applications can't establish their own way of doing things – even though it's not the standard. Many innovative applications such as Fring for example have gained widespread use among the user community for both the Android and the iPhone platforms. This is mostly possible because these applications managed to hide the technological details of how they work from the users. A customer knows that the communication is happening over the Internet. Nothing more. But then, that's all that's needed.

It easy when an application doesn't have to interoperate with anything else. As a self-contained unit, it can set the rules and make it as simple as necessary. In a way, this is one of the reasons why the iPhone enjoys such simplicity. Apple only has to care about design within its own walls and not bother about anything else.

Viber and VoIP
Viber and VoIP

Viber Makes It Easy to Call Your Friends

Viber is an application available for both the Android and the iPhone platforms. It's very special because users don't have to create their own contact list for the application before being able to make calls. For example if you use Skype, you need to add the username of your friend before you can call him or her. Otherwise there's no way for Skype to know how to contact them. Viber uses an innovative system in order to do away with this requirement. When you first install it on your phone, it asks you to register your telephone number with them. It then associates your telephone number with your particular instance of Viber.

When one of your friends installs Viber on their own phone, it scans their list of contacts. If it finds you among them, it will know that you also have Viber installed because it matches your telephone number with what they have in their records. So to contact you, your friend merely has to click your name in the contact list and your Viber application will notify you that you have an incoming call. Pretty neat huh?

Viber has already built up a large user base because of this reason. It's a great example of how simplicity and the erasing of unnecessary steps can go a long way in improving the adoption of your VoIP application – or indeed any application. Businesses of course, have to use a somewhat more professional network. An ITSP will be able to provide you with business phone service and your very own SIP account. Call one to find out how you can get started in less than 15 min.


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