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Video Card Installing and Troubleshooting

Updated on February 11, 2013

Video card

A video card generates the text and images that appear on the display area of the monitor.

Expansion slot
Expansion slot
Video card
Video card

Installing A Video card

Before installing a video card, turn off the computer, unplug the power cable and remove the cover from the computer case.

1. Select the expansion slot on the system board where you want to install the video card.

2. Remove the expansion slot cover from the computer case. The cover is usually held in place by a small screw.

3. Place the video card in the expansion slot. Press down firmly and evenly across the top of the card until it is securely inserted in the expansion slot.

4. Secure the video card to the computer case using a small screw. The replace the cover on the computer case.


How Do I set up a Video card?

In most cases your computer may automatically detect and set up the video card when you install a video card. This saves you from having to change your computer's settings. The video card may include an installation program you can use if your computer doesn't automatically detect and set up the video card.

What Should I do If my monitor stops displaying information or no longer displays information properly?

These types of problems are often caused by the video card. To find out that your monitor is not displaying information due to a malfunctioning video card, replace it with a video card you know works properly.

Some computers require that the video card be plugged into a specific expansion slot. Check to make sure the video card is plugged into the correct expansion slot if you are facing problems with display.


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