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Video Creation and Editing Resources

Updated on April 12, 2013

Resources for video editing

When you think of editing your videos the name of Camtasia first comes to your mind. This software has the ability to do both the function - screen capture as well as video editing. But Camtasia comes with a price tag of $299 which is the licensed studio version. You have to select the product as per your need.

There is a free application which you can download known as Techsmith Smart Player for your iPhone and record your memorable moments.
Before buying this application see that you have 2GB free space in your hard drive and 2GB RAM (min) but you would be more comfortable with 4GM RAM.

The product comes with a 30 days trail.

If you are not comfortable with the price your can also capture your screen with Snag-it. It also has both Windows and Mac version. System requirement 2GB RAM and 125 MB free space in your hard drive for installation. Before buying you will also get 30 days free trail offer.

If you are not ready to spend money you can also try screen capture with Jing Project. It also has both Windows and Mac version. Just like the slogan goes "Capture what you see" and "Record what you see (and do)". You can capture images and video from your computer and after adding some basic elements to it- share it with the world

All the above are products from TECHSMITH.
There is another software which is also an Macworld Editor choice award of 2012- for Mac lovers only. This software comes with a price tag of $99.00. At present you will receive version 4 of it. You have to register with your name and e-mail ID to get the free trail.
This software can be obtained from .telestream.

For video editing and creating there is another popular software Animoto. It has both free and paid version. The free version (lite) is limited to 30 seconds video with limited styles and music tracks. It has two paid versions, choice for both monthly and yearly version if you want full length video's.

There is another software Goanimate. The basic version is free with limited ability. It has other two versions for personal use ($4.83 per month) and a business version ( $50.00 per month). .

Active presenter

Best Screen Capture Software

If you want a free alternate screen capture software then you can go for ActivePresenter. The software has two paid version but the free version is more than enough to take care of your needs. In fact this software has some features like

* Text to Speech- you can read out your articles.

* Insert "freeze frame" which is missing in Camtasia

The only downsize is the software has a bit of learning curve. But you should not be discouraged as there are many video's as well as PDF TO care of the the learning part.

Another piece of software is EZVid, You can easily slow down or speed up your video. It also has text to speech feature. You can download the software in your PC and use it and upload the same to You Tube. The software has in-build music to add to your video's. As the software is simple it has some drawbacks

* It records the entire screen but if you do screen capture -you can upload them.

* You cannot use your own sound tract- you have to use the in-built tracks from the software .

* You cannot store the videos to your hard drive.

But irrespective of all these drawbacks you can add this software to your arsenal of video creation.

Another software for screen capture is Screencast-O-Matic With free version you can can do the necessary screen capture but if you are willing to pay $15/year you would many advanced features. The present version is 1.3.2, you can download the software on your hard drive or use it directly. The paid version has many scripting and editing tools. You can also record your webcam.

Video editors

Other than Windows movie maker there are not many free video editors . The video editors commonly used comes with a price. The first software is from Sony Vegas Studio. It has a bit of learning curve and you can produce excellent videos with the help of this. The present price is $45.00 but buying go fir the free trail.

Another piece of software is video studio Pro X5 from corel. It has free trail version. The current price is $59.99.

If you want to create animated video then you can go for Toon Boom Studio. This software is used by some great names like Disney, Warner Bros, Fox and so on. There are many tools which you can use either frame-by-frame or bone animations videos.

There is also another software Anime Studio from anime.smithmicro. Despite being cheaper it has many features to try with.

In order to save money you can also buy older versions from e-bay and amazon and upgrade them as per you need.

Background Music for Video

If you search on the internet you would find many royalty free music sites. But I would always prefer few sites. The main reason is I am comfortable with the music from these sites. Here are some of the sites which you can use.

  • Jewel Beat- You can get music from this site as low as $0.99. Download your choice list and use in your videos. You would also get your collections for $19.95. The license agreement is also quite favorable.

  • Incompetch - This site provides you with 100% royalty free music with liberal license agreement.

  • Public Domain Sounds-It has a fairly good collection of sounds and effects which are being uploaded by the users.

Royalty Free Photo

There are plenty of photo sites which use creative common license and not public domain. These images cannot be used for business purpose and you have to give attribution. Here are some sites which has quite liberal usage license that do not require to give any attribution.

If you visit this page you would find a list of public domain images. This link provides Governmental Resources and subject wise collection also.

  • Free images is basically a search engine which searches multiple sites for images. The results may also include some pictures with creative common license.

Stock Videos

I came across two sites which has a great collection of stock videos. But before using it go through the license agreement.

A place where you will a great collection of free stock videos with music and sound effects. They offer 7 days free trail then $79 per month. This site provides unlimited downloads.

A rich collection of stock videos . But go through the license before using it.

A quick video made with EZvid


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