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Video Sharing Websites & Link Sharing

Updated on August 15, 2011

Video Sharing Websites

OK, so I started putting this article together last night and once again it is regarding video websites but this time I wanted to talk about the video sharing ones rather than the ones with channels such as BlogTV and Stickam. We all know about YouTube and I have discussed utilising their features in my other articles, today I wanted to talk about sites such as Buzznet and Flickr who combine free video sharing with other forms of online media such as blogging and photography.

These will come in handy for gaining backlinks to your hubpages articles as well because you can leave links alongside videos, people want to share videos these days because it is easier than reading and I can't emphasise this enough.

I found the diagram above on Flickr and though it was a great way of expressing how I use my time online and displaying the sharing websites that I switch between to get my message out there. I definitely use Twitter and Digg to 'generate a buzz' because they are easily accessible from the share button below and as long as you have over a thousand followers you are bound to benefit from the occasional viewer or retweet. I find Youtube, Flickr and Blogger great to share videos because I can email all of my 350 subscribers or generate traffic by RSS feed.

Photo courtesy of cambodia4kidsorg

Sharing Website

In the website pictured above we can see the website 'Grouper', another clone video share website which looks similar to the likes of Flickr and Metacafe, these website usually have a 'featured' section to the right of the video player. However I find these sort of sharing sites quite boring and they don't fulfil the needs of my viral trafficking, therefore I have included some information about sites that create a buzz about your publishing below.

Photo courtesy of dantaylor

Link to your website

The good thing about Flickr is that you can upload your best photography or a photo related to your hubpages and then leave a backlink underneath to direct traffic back to the pages you earn revenue. Many people, mainly Flickr veterans are complaining about the introduction of video uploading to the site, they believe it detracts attention away from the artistic value of the photo, although I believe it is useful in capturing the moment surrounding a great shot.

Photo courtesy of audunbakkeandersen

Video Share Sites

One thing that I noticed about the popular video share websites is that people will make video responses to the ones that you have uploaded, a common term that is mentioned in the illustration above is 'Pwned' and this is used to express when someone disrespects your video and 'owns' you. So make sure you upload informative content!

Photo courtesy of Ncomment

Link Sharing Websites

Finally I would like to mention the link sharing services that I found most easy, these are the sites that offer easy Dofollow backlinks to your hubpages as well as the ability to share videos.

  • Buzznet - This was by far the quickest method of gaining backlinks and you can see from my screen shot above that I bookmarked a handle full of my hubs with picture and description already included.
  • - This was similar site to Buzznet, also with a link button in the tool bar, very easy to submit your links but I did have some problems with posting too fast.
  • TubeMogul - I am not sure if I have mentioned this site before but it is a great way to upload in bulk, so long as you are already signed up at some of the websites I have talked about in this hub, use the video which explains how to use it in more detail.


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