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Video marketing is incredibly effective.

Updated on March 24, 2015

Video Marketing is booming

Video content is thriving, and its superior ability to reach audiences and convert consumers is undeniable. More people are watching videos, and video marketing is incredibly effective.Using personalized video as a marketing tactic is on the rise, and new solutions should make it easier for companies to jump on the bandwagon.Crafting emotional stories is top-of-mind for brands trying to steal the attention of consumers who would rather hear from friends on social media than brands themselves.By 2017, video will make up 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic, according to a recent forecast from Cisco. Nearly half of Internet users view at least one online video in a month, with the average viewer watching 32.2 videos per month. In fact, a whopping 100 million Internet users watch an online video each day, according to comScore.For content marketers, those numbers mean there’s a huge, video-hungry audience eager to devour content.

Video is easily memorable

When it comes to video marketing innovation, start-ups aren’t the only ones bulking up their capabilities and exploring the space.In the last few years, we’ve seen video grow in people’s lives. It’s an obvious trend in terms of creation and consumption, but there’s a tremendous opportunity for marketers. For content marketers, there’s a huge, video-hungry audience eager to devour content. In a world full of content, video content appears to break through the clutter. The Online Publishers Association reports 80 percent of Internet users remember watching a video ad in the past 30 days. Nearly half took some action after watching the ad, including visiting the website named in the video or purchasing the product featured in the ad.

Local Video Marketing Services

Business Owners who need to rank videos in the top ten in Google based on local service keywords can purchase Local Video Rankin. Local Video Ranking is designed to address the most common issues faced by Business Owners which is lack of clientele. The competition between local service based businesses is fierce and it has become increasingly difficult to rank for local based keywords. By utilizing YouTube videos that focus on a particular service within a local city, businesses are now able to showcase their service not only on YouTube but it also appears on Google and Bing as well.The service includes:

  1. Video Channel Creation - A YouTube channel is created that is highly optimized and targeted to the services provided by the local business.
  2. Video Creation - Thirty second commercials that promote the services provided by the local business are created with professional voice-over.
  3. Video SEO - Optimization of the videos is conducted which can lead to top rankings in YouTube, Google and Bing.

Real Estate Video Marketing

Calling Card for Video marketers

Marketers have been creating content for decades.By simply identifying existing, well-performing content that is relevant to current goals and will translate well to video, resources can be applied to more pressing expenses.Understanding a particular piece of content’s purpose is very important to the success of a curated video content campaign. It is no longer enough to just have content; a road map must be created. According to Cisco Visual Networking Index, consumer video traffic is projected to represent 79 percent of all online traffic by 2018. For video marketers, that’s a calling card for a revamped approach to content marketing and the way they expect to spend their budgets. Keeping track of what’s trending, how people are consuming content, and ways to implement new tactics and resources can be a daunting, but necessary, task.

Companies like Nielsen, Facebook, and AOL are taking heed of these consumption trends—as well as the prospect of the $66.4 billion annual TV ad industry budget.But winning with video content depends a lot on quality.There is one drawback: Personalized video which is more expensive than other tools compared to email. But with its higher effectiveness, it may be the next must-have for content marketers.


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