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Video to MP3 - Video to MP3 converter

Updated on February 20, 2012

Videos to MP3

In today's hub I wanted to bring you something a little more fun and less work orientated, so I decided to talk about the 'Video to MP3' software I found while surfing online. It is a simple and quick service to use and involves copying and pasting the URL of the video you have found on Youtube, Vimeo or BlipTV into the Youtube video to MP3 converter which is basically an input text box with a convert button. I would advise caution however, there are probably copyright laws on certain videos with songs.

Photo courtesy of pasa

Video to MP3 converter free Download

I tried the above tool which I found by typing in 'Video to MP3' on Google search, we can see that it gives you the option of whether you want standard quality or high quality and I decided to try standard because it was fast. I found after my download was complete from the video to MP3 converter that it didn't make much difference that the sound quality was 'standard', I still listened to a song by my friends band in my car and it was fine.

Video to MP3 online

The only limitation to downloading any song or audio you want according to the site I used was that the quality depends on the availability of the stream provided by the video service provider.

This is what it states in the screen shot above but you could always you some other software I included to the right and repair it if you desperately crave your music fix!

Download Video MP3

We all remember the days when attaining quality music from the internet involved using shady peer to peer file sharing software which left us vulnerable to viruses and half the time we couldn't find what we were looking for.

Most of the time I hear really obscure songs on Youtube anyway and then look for them elsewhere on sites such as BeeMP3 but this way I will probably never miss a song in my ride again!

Photo courtesy of bixentro


Video MP3 downloads

One of the more recent options for Video MP3 downloads was bittorrent, however this was equally hard to find the songs you were looking for because you would have to switch through numerous sites and sometimes the seeds were inactive.


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