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Video Sharing, Video Hosting and Viral Videos

Updated on April 11, 2012

Video hosting has turned into a social network by default

Video hosting has turned into a social network by default. The intention of video hosting was not to create a social network but to share videos that a person has made with friends, family and others. Some video hosting sites that were at the forefront of the service are no longer in business, while others have made their mark in the business as the best. Revver was one of the first and biggest video sharing sites to become popular and it is no longer around. YouTube is the biggest video sharing site in today's world and is the place to go if you want viral videos.

With so many video sharing sites online how do you determine which site to use? What site is going to host your video the longest? Who is going to see your video and on what site are they going to watch it on? How do you create an audience for yourself? With so many questions wondering around, what is the best thing to do? Do you go with the simple “the biggest is the best“ approach or do you fine tune yourself to look for the site that will get the most views? Say you’re a church and you want to post a sermon, where do you go? Well there is even video hosting for churches as well with specific sites such as GodTube and Cross.TV you can use, but do you use them? Or do you use YouTube, Vimeo, and Metacafe to post it online?

The most popular video hosting sites Include but are not limited to:

Video Hosting/ Video Sharing

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Popular Video Sharing Sites

If you would like to see a longer list you can visit Wikipedia for a more extensive list.

YouTube is the best site if you are looking to have your video go viral. Every video on the internet that has gone viral has been seen through YouTube. Viral Videos are videos that get millions of views in short amounts of time. A great example of a Viral Video is "Girl with Funny Talent". Many people have had videos go Viral and become Internet stars. While others create their own shows online with a channel and have thousands of subscribers. Their videos don’t go viral but they get hundreds of thousands of views because they have built an audience by creating original content for viewers to watch. Some of the channels are entertaining and some others are educational while others have built their audience from sharing other people’s videos. Great examples of these are Peter Chao who has multiple channels of comedic humor, Expert Village who host videos on educational and do it yourself videos, Ray William Johnson who has the number one channel on YouTube which shares videos of other people's videos.

Video Hosting websites have also become search engines almost as popular as Yahoo, Google and Bing. Users are able to visit these sites and search for content that they need. If you need to learn to fix your washer or dryer you can search through videos rather than WebPages, if you need to learn how to fix your car or do simple maintenance you can search for videos instead of manuals and blogs.

Video Sharing sites have become full time careers for some individuals. They have partnered up with video sharing sites that will pay them based on video views and also the ads placed on the video that they upload. There have even been shows that make it onto television based on the type of videos that a person creates. Videos don’t always have to be very popular or even have a lot of subscribers to make it on the air, they just have to make it across the right individual and be what they are looking for.

Some of the Video sharing sites put a limit on the amount of content you can upload for a single week or a single month and they even offer paid services for you to sign up on so that you can add more videos or longer videos. This is due to the fact that many people are uploading videos that take up too much room on the video host servers and they are not making money on your videos because they are not getting enough plays. The way that the Video Hosting sites make money comes from the most viewed videos because those videos have the most ads running through them.

If you are new to video sharing make sure you do research on each site before you start uploading to just anyone you come across. The right site can make all the difference to your video views. Some video sites can feature your video on their homepage if it is popular enough and that will give you major exposure.

Video Sharing Sites


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