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Viral Marketing - The Viral Bug Every Business Needs

Updated on May 24, 2011

If you are an internet marketer, networker or business that uses the internet to market your product then, viral marketing is one bug you will want to have in your arsenal of marketing tools.

Why? Because Viral marketing is an ingenious marketing strategy that can blow your online business into the stratosphere!

What Is Viral Marketing

The clue is in the name, 'viral.' Think about it in terms of a biological virus. You know when you've caught a cold and through your coughing and spluttering you in advertently pass on the cold virus to everyone you come in contact with? Well, that's exactly how viral marketing works except it isn't inadvertently but deliberately passed on.

Basically it is a technique that entices web internet users to pass on a marketing message about a website, product or service to other website users, creating a viral effect that has the potential of exploding a businesses growth through the passage of the marketing message.

Many companies have used this method to enhance their online presence; for example,'s users grew very fast in a short space of time because of the canny marketing ploy of putting a message at the end of every email sent, so that when a person received an email from his/her friend or relative they were encouraged to sign up for a free email account.


How to Use Viral Marketing

There are a variety of ways you could use viral marketing in your marketing campaigns, but by far the best method is through viral video marketing on platforms such as You Tube. But you have to ensure that you pick the right niche, target market, product or service to market or it could back fire and rather than grow your business it could grind it into the ground. So, be careful and check that the product or service you are about to make viral is of good quality, and you stand behind everything connected with it, because if a problem arises and you cannot address it the public will quickly tear you to shreds.

Viral Video Marketing

But generally speaking viral video marketing is a sure bet. Look at the 'Guitar' video on You Tube that received 70 million views and goodness knows how many customers from the simple message placed under the video for its 'GuitarMaster Pro lessons', or what about the Burger King's 'Subservient Chicken' with 46 million views and probably an equal amount of visitors to the Burger King Joint pushing tender chicken strip sales through the roof. But my favorite has to be the Gorilla video promoting Cadbury's Chocolate, I mean what is the correlation between a drum playing Gorilla and chocolate? Whatever it is it worked because Cadbury's sales also increased phenomenally.

Other Viral Marketing Strategies

Other stratgegies include the original email viral message as employed by Hotmail and AOL, article marketing where you allow your content to be republished with the proviso that the resource box that holds information and crucially the url about your product or service stays intact.

However, the main aspect of viral marketing is to give away something free, for example giving away a free ebook that markets your paid products within its pages, or offering a free trial for 14 days on some software tool; maybe free webhosting that advertises your affiliate links at the top of the webpage, or if you have the skil design websites and templates and advertise your information at the bottom of the page.

Viral Marketing is a fantastic way to gain exposure, improve sales and recognition for your skills and talents.

My Favorite Viral Video


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      jannthomassen 6 years ago from Norway

      Nice hub, thanks for sharing