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Virtual Reality Experience for first timers

Updated on August 3, 2016

Virtually the first time

Virtual Reality is finally here. There is this anime called SAO that you can relate to with this. A few days ago I got to test out virtual reality and it is so freaking cool! I had about 5 min and you could look around a whole entire room it just so happened to be a museum and a huge T-Rex came at me. It stepped on me and I actually flinched. Then I realized everyone was laughing due to the fact I flinched in real life. The Samsung Gear VR - Virtual Reality Headset is pretty much worth trying. If you are a gamer virtual reality is definitely for you. Google has also came up with a virtual reality Google Cardboard,Topmaxions 3D VR Virtual Reality DIY Glasses For 3D Movies and Games Compatible with Android & Apple Up to 6 Inch Easy Setup Machine . With this virtual reality thingy you download a virtual reality app and there are plenty of the for free in the app store. Then you put your phone in the box and watch. Just make sure the box is your phones size. Believe me it is really cool.

Cheaper way of virtual reality with google
Cheaper way of virtual reality with google


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