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Virtuemart Product Category Uploads

Updated on October 20, 2011

Virtuemart Uploads

When your creating an eCommerce cart with the current version of virtue mart, you will probably want some easy way to upload your products, here are easiest methods to achieve this.

Using CSV Improved

When you upload categories to virtuemart, you will find that your categories take preference, and then your product uploads fit to those categoires with the type of flypages created.

If you upload only products and create categories from this file, then you can get some unexpected results and inconsistances between the formating of products.

If you Upload you category file, and then your main products, you will be able to see which categories have been supplied by the product upload, as they will appear at the end of the already alphabetical order of the categoires.

Using the SQL database

If you don't have access to CSV improved, then you can also upload your product direct into the sql database. Doing this is less complicated than it sounds, and really gives you the ultimate flexibility for uploading your products into virtuemart. 

When you log into the backend sql admin area of your joomla installation, you will find your joomla listed under the database section, and you will then need to look through the tables to heck which table your virtuemart products are stored into. Its worth first putting a product into virtuemart manually, and then that way it will be easier to find.

Once you find it, there is a number of options that allow you to extract the data from the sql database to a .csv file. If you do this you can then re-upload the file back into the sql database, along with you new products.

As with any testing and trying remember to backup your data regularly, and its worth playing around with your Joomla and virtue mart products before you commit to using this for a live store.


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