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Vizio P-Series Review of 4K Ultra HD TV Features & Specifications

Updated on December 31, 2014
Vizio P Series Ultra HD TV
Vizio P Series Ultra HD TV

Vizio P Series Review

The Vizio P-Series 50 inch Ultra HD TV is probably the cheapest of its range. If you compare it with other 50 inch screens from Samsung and LG costs almost $500 more with each costing around $1500. It is possible that Vizio has ignited a price war that may see the prices come down as the holiday season approaches.

Why is there a renewed buzz about 4K TV? Ultra HD TVs as 4K TVs are known provide a resolution that is four times above the 1080p screens and many people have shown interest in purchasing them. However, many people have shied away from purchasing them due to the restrictive prices and lack of content. In fact, the initial prices of the TV sets when as high as $15,000 for an 85-inch model.

The high quality images are attributable to deep blacks (unprecedented for a TV this size). Additionally, the Vizio P series TV has a fantastic contrast that puts it in a class of its own. The TV also delivers color accuracy and fast speeds unseen for a 55 inch TV. Gamers will be impressed by its low input lag.

Though the Vizio P series TV cannot claim the price for being the best TV in its class, it surely is the best entry-level 4K TV.

With the new reduced prices and availability of content, there is increased interest in the devices. The Vizio P Series 50-inch UHD TV is a good starting point for anyone who has been thinking of getting a 4K TV but has been restricted by the pricing.

You might want to wait out and see how the price wars go as there isn’t really any hurry to upgrade because the current content for 4K TVs is quite thin. Apart from a few 4K movie offerings from Netflix, some educational stuff and the anticipated Amazon content, there content is very limited at the moment.

But if you are an early adopter who has waited for too long for the prices to fall within your budget, you may still want to know want you will be getting with the Vizio 4K TVs. However, a 50-inch doesn’t really bring out the true 4K TV experience even with the content that is available.

Vizio P Series Features & Specifications

The biggest selling point for a 4K TV is obviously the picture quality and the Vizio 50-inch does have some impressive display. This picture quality is produced by LED zones (64 in total), Full Array LED backlighting and dynamic local dimming.

In fact, this is the feature that allowed Vizio to bring down the prices of the TVs because instead of purchasing from third parties, the company did in house development and decided not to pass on the development costs to its customers. The strategy here was to encourage uptake by a wider market which can on bode well for future sales of the TV sets.

For fast streaming of content, the P-Series is equipped with 802.11 Dual band Wi-Fi as well as HEVC H.265 Codec. In addition to this, the HDCP 2.2 support allow for the display of Ultra High Definition TV content is a secure manner.

Intelligent responsive technology is able to dynamically respond to on-screen content so as to deliver the highest quality picture with the best contrast. This high level of detail results in amazing life like images that have the blackest blacks ever experienced on a TV screen. In addition to this, the Vizio 4K TV is best adapted for watching fast action movies and sports content as the image processor has a high refresh rate that gives never-before-seen clarity.

All this functionality is made possible via a powerful V6 processor that has a Quad-Core GPU and dual core CPU. In addition to the clear images and fast image processing, such processors speed guarantee quick start-ups and menu navigation. You are guaranteed of one of the best smart TV experience comparable to the top-range TVs but without the hefty price tag.

Upscaling of current 1080p on the Vizio P-Series is possible through an innovative Spatial Scaling Engine. This guarantees you get the 4K experience even before content for the platform becomes readily available.

Gamers will be salivating for this TV set as its High Velocity Mode is able to deliver up to 120 frames per second at extremely low latency.

The amazing picture quality of the the Vizio P-Series is four times that of a normal HD which is 1080P

4K Movies and Content for Ultra HD Television

As mentioned earlier, the content for 4K television is still depressingly thin and there is little compelling reason for one to purchase the sets given their generally high prices. The Vizio P-Series sets are expected to increase the uptake of 4K TVs and shake Hollywood and other content producers out of their complacency.

Netflix might also be encouraged to roll out its program a little faster than it is currently doing. There are still possible challenges that the whole roll out will face in the future such as prohibitive costs and bandwidth availability. Bandwidth is an issue that will have to be addressed as initial indications are that for 4K streaming to occur, at least 15Mbps will have to be available.


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