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Vlogging on YouTube

Updated on July 6, 2014

A Vlog is short for a video log, this is sort of like blogging on video without the writing part. These are very different forms of communication, yet both are effective ways to reach an audience. Some people are more suited to Vlogging, while others to Blogging, and while yet others choose to do both. Personally I have three blogs at Blogger and do a Vlog once a week on YouTube as well.

For the last couple years I was using BlogTalkRadio's free service to have a half an hour weekly show. I conducted about 14 shows there off and on, but then one time I called in to do my show and my host pin wouldn't work. I emailed the admin there, but never received a reply. So, I decided to move on and start a Vlog on YouTube, where I already had a monetized channel up and going. This has turned out to be a good move for me.

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Benefits of Vlogging on YouTube

The benefits of using YouTube for conducting a radio show (Vlog) are many. YouTube is the third largest Internet site in the world first off. Other benefits are: I can record the show whenever I want to, I can edit the show easier, my shows are monetized with Adsense, YouTube is more connected to my Google+ account, it's easier to embed a video anywhere, and last of all on YouTube I simply get more listeners.

So far, I have three Vlogs on my YouTube channel. Overall I have gathered more listens and subscribers than I would have with three shows on BlogTalkRadio. BTR though is better for people who wish to have live listeners who can call in and listen or talk with the host. I believe you can perform live shows on YouTube as well, but the call in feature is not there. This isn't a problem for me because I don't want to take callers anyway.


Why Vlog?

Why Vlog? There are many reasons and purposes for people to start Vlogging. The subject and content people create can be very diverse and creative. Vlogging in its specific meaning is more when someone is discussing something like they would write in their blogs. This may mean though that they are reporting news and have video content along with their report.

Many YouTubers have channels in which they have the camera on themselves. So their show is basically about them and what they think about products, society, websites, and whatever else they choose to discuss. Personally, I simply have one picture that I put up on all of my shows. My Vlog is basically a talk show that shows this one signature picture with the description of what my show is about and the episodes number.

Whether simple or complex, your Vlog can be what you want it to be. You may be surprised at the amount of money people are making on YouTube -- I know I was. Some of the popular channels are making a good living simply making Vlogs and doing product promotion.

Vlogging gives people a chance to promote a cause, their blogs, make money, and simply be creative.


Conclusion and Vlogging Thoughts

Vlogging on YouTube can be a good option for the right kind of person. Personally I record my Vlog on Audacity, then make a movie on Windows Movie Maker, then place the video on YouTube. I'll put an article in the links section below to teach you how to do this. You can simply record your Vlog with your phone and upload it straight to YouTube.

You have to have an Adsense account to monetize your YouTube account, then you can make money from your Vlogs. How much depends on how popular your channel becomes. If you can get a thousand views for each Vlog, and you do 5 Vlogs a week, then you'd total about 20,000 views a month. If you made an average of $4 per thousand views, then you'd make around $80/month. Now, some people get hundreds of thousand of views per video, so just think about the amount they are making.

Whether it's for money or not, you may want to add Vlogging to your on-line efforts. Personally, I make a half an hour show once a week. I'll put the last episode in this hub for you to see what I'm doing. You'll see my Vlog is about Christianity mostly, but I also talk about blogging and writing on-line. Hope this article has helped you think about Vlogging.

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