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VoIP Call Management Features

Updated on July 16, 2013
VoIP Call Management
VoIP Call Management | Source

VoIP Call Management

When people talk about "features" of VoIP, they tend to view it in the same way as the traditional PSTN phone system. The latter is static and doesn't possess the flexibility that is required to deal with today's modern workplace. The problem is that we have gotten so used to it that we don't question its limitations. VoIP on the other hand can be programmed to do almost anything – that is the power of the Internet. Still, here are a few important call management features that are available with VoIP.

Auto Attendants

When you have an organization that is separated into departments, you'd like all incoming calls to be funneled into the appropriate groups as necessary. Using VoIP, you can easily set up a system where callers are asked to dial the department that they're interested in. We're all familiar with IVR options that we see in large organizations such as banks for example. With VoIP, you can do this too.

Advanced Voicemail

The old telephone system has relegated voicemail to a glorified answering machine. But with VoIP, it can be so much more! Just imagine being able to access your voicemails using a graphical user interface from any device just by visiting a website or with your SIP provider's VoIP application. Imagine being able to receive them as MP3 files via e-mail. No more tortuous sequential voicemail management. You can utilize the power of VoIP to dramatically improve your productivity.


Now you can collaborate with stakeholders from all over the world with a single unified interface. Set up secure call rooms with advanced HD voice codecs for crystal clear meetings. The best part of all is that those dialing in through the VoIP application don't have to pay a thing! But even if you have someone unable to utilize VoIP, they can still join the call.

Dialing by Name

Some VoIP providers implement innovative features such as allowing callers to dial the names of the people they want via their keyboard. This is just one of the many ways in which VoIP can benefit not only you, but your customers as well.

Some or all of these features will be provided by your SIP hosted PBX provider. There are many VoIP calling services available in the market and you can find one that suits your needs. In addition to these advanced features, VoIP will also save you money by drastically reducing the costs of international calls as well as allowing you to call any of your employees for free throughout the globe.


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