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VoIP Headphones

Updated on August 23, 2010

What are VoIP Headphones?

We've all used headsets before and know how they work. What then, is a VoIP headphone? The fact of the matter is, many people use VoIP technology by sitting in front of their computer. This isn't because one needs  to be tied down, it's just that for many users, a computer is necessary for their work.

We've gotten so used to taking calls on cell phones and landlines, that we sometimes ignore the easier solutions at hand - such as using headsets so that we can work on the computer. For long conversations, this can really become a useful thing to have around.

Of course, there are people whose job  it is to stay on the phone all day and attend to calls, like receptionists or call center workers. For these individuals, a headset is pretty much a necessity.

VoIP Headphones
VoIP Headphones

Features of a VoIP Headset

One of the main features a VoIP headset must have is the ability to deliver quality sound both ways. Any decent business phone system should be able to ensure that the benefits of VoIP are fully taken advantage of. This means that the headphones should have excellent sound quality and the microphone should also be able to deliver the voice data so that it can be properly encoded with high quality HD voice codecs.

Additionally, it's likely that a dedicated user of a phone system will be sitting in an area where there are lots of other people. Because of this, there will likely be a lot of noise in the surrounding place that will interfere with the conversation. For this reason, noise cancellation is necessary since those at the other end are mostly customers or potential clients and the quality of service is important.

Depending on the work flow model, there are several ways for the headset to interact with the main PC. A connection to the USB port is the most common technique, but in case a less messy approach is desired, the headsets can even be wireless in nature. With a wireless headset, the distance from the PC can be as much as 40 feet! So it's possible for the person to move around comfortably.

This can also be used at home when a person is taking a VoIP call but also wants to go about their own work. This can be a significant improvement in the VoIP experience since the microphone will be close enough for the person not to have to speak loudly.

Overall then, VoIP headphones are very useful. They may not be required in all situations, but when they're needed, they are absolutely indispensable. When reviewing VoIP phones, you must spend some time looking at the headphones as well.


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