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VoIP - Keeping your Phone Number

Updated on December 1, 2011

Telephone Number Stability

Whether you like them or not, there's no running away from the fact that telephone numbers are a very important part of our lives - both personal and business. In many cases, it can be brand image associated with a particular sequence of numbers. Or perhaps it spells out something which is easy to remember. Keeping a steady telephone number is therefore very important and it can well be a deal breaker if a business has to give up a well established number in order to move to a new VoIP service.

At a lower level, each person in a company has their own PSTN number which may or may not be critical. Sales persons typically have the most valuable numbers since all their clients use that to contact them. There is in fact some debate as to whether the clients belong to the company or to the person who deals with them. If the contact point leaves and goes elsewhere, they can take their entire clientele with them.

With the PSTN system, there isn't really much one can do about this. VoIP however comes up with a surprisingly elegant solution to these problems with the characteristic flexibility which has propelled it to where it is today.

VoIP Telephone Numbers
VoIP Telephone Numbers

Transferring VoIP Numbers

At both levels, VoIP systems can handle the transferring of telephone numbers easily and smoothly. Established businesses will find it easy to make use of the number portability features and keep the same telephone number they've been using for years. There are some restrictions because of the way telephone numbers work, being based on geographic parameters and all that. But in most cases the transition should happen smoothly. Your customers won't even notice and all the advertisements you've put out in the past, including flyers etc will still continue to reap dividends.

The other kind of telephone transfer is even easier. With VoIP systems, individual telephone numbers can be assigned or reassigned to devices with a simple click of a mouse. If an employee is leaving, you don't need to worry about them taking all their customers along. Just decide which employee is going to take up the slack and redirect all calls to the new device! No more lost customers. After all, those contacts were created on your time and on your behest. They belong to you.

Choosing VoIP phones is easy once you know what you want. Contact your ITSP to find out offers for automatic provisioning with their PBX VoIP servers.


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