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VoIP - Looking for the "one big benefit"

Updated on September 13, 2011

VoIP - a Game changer for communications

Sometimes a technology comes along which does so many things for your business or personal life that it's difficult to pinpoint the single biggest benefit it has. For example, if you were to sell someone a computer, what single greatest advantage would you pitch to them? Email would probably be the easiest application to sell to a person, but that's really a benefit of the Internet not a computer as such. The truth is that there are so many different features that focusing on just one kind of trivializes the whole.

Convincing a business to get their own website runs into similar obstacles. We have the same problems with singling out a benefit and making it the USP. VoIP faces a similar predicament. There are so many benefits to using VoIP and so many ways it can help a business that when a provider is asked to "sum it all up," there's a bit of awkwardness. But businesses - especially small ones - like to have things broken down for them since funds are limited. They like to be assured of concrete returns on their investment before spending on anything new.

For such organizations, we need a "killer benefit" for VoIP and that's what we'll try and provide in this article.

The killer features of VoIP
The killer features of VoIP

The Killer Benefit

Depending on the type of business involved, there may be one of two "killer features" of VoIP which businesses will have no difficulty understanding. The first is cost. If a small or medium sized business is convinced that a particular technology will save it money then the deal is just about done. VoIP can be cheaper in two ways. In the first place, if there are a lot of International calls placed, there's no need for further convincing. VoIP shines in this regard. Also, if the business has some branches in other parts of the country or world, then switching those to the same VoIP provider will allow communication between them for free. Lots of businesses will satisfy one of these two conditions and for them, the cost savings will come across as the greatest benefit.

For those who don't have either characteristic, the other killer feature of VoIP is the ability to have their employees use the same telephone number for all their devices no matter where they are. This means that clients will never miss them at their desk. Also, when a person leaves the organization, that number can be recycled and given to the incumbent. So all their contacts are not lost and business can carry on with minimal disruption.

Signing up for hosted PBX will bring these benefits to any business along with all the other features of VoIP such as HD VoIP systems etc. But if you're looking for the two killer features, it's these two which are the most convincing.


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