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VoIP Phone Service - Is it Time to Make the Switch?

Updated on July 27, 2011

As technology advanced and computers came to change our lives, it brought a lot of other inventions along with it. One of the most famous technological advances, for which we are all thankful, is VoIP (voiceover IP) phone service. There was a time when people could not even imagine having such a cheap and effective alternative for communication. VoIP phone service brought ease of use and an efficient way for businesses to satisfy their communication needs.

As Internet services improve, more and more people are taking advantage of Internet phone service. With the wide variety of options that Internet phone service provides to its customers, businesses and homes are rapidly switching from conventional phone services to Internet phone service. VoIP service providers are also improving their services and offering cheaper calling deals and packages to customers to stand out in the emerging competition.

The main reasons for the increasing popularity of VoIP are:

  1. Flexibility: Internet phone service has enabled flexibility when it comes to call transfers, without taking into account the different sectors of industry, size or residence. Geographical barriers have entirely been removed with the help of this technological advancement.
  2. Cost: The most dominant reason for people to switch to VoIP is the low cost. Internet service enables calls to be transferred at a cost that is less than half of what is often paid for conventional phone service. Also, VoIP service providers are coming up with better packages to satisfy customers’ needs. Some providers, like Axvoice, have even gone as far as providing two free numbers and free calls within the U.S. and Canada.
  3. Easy Integration: You don’t have to get rid of your old phone system if you want to switch to Internet phone service. You can ask your provider to integrate VoIP with your old phone system. As a result, you can switch to Internet phone service with the least amount of hassle involved.
  4. Mobility: You don’t have to worry about leaving your point of contact behind while you are travelling. VoIP can enable you to keep your contacts with you and stay in touch with your friends and family wherever you are. This feature is especially valuable to business users because they don’t want to lose their contacts while out on the road. They can stay in touch with their business and even be a part of virtual meetings without having to be in the office.
  5. Low operating costs: The cost of installation and usage is very low for VoIP phone service. As long as you have a good broadband Internet service, there is no need for complicated set ups. You can even ask your provider to recommend or provide an Internet service that would go well with your VoIP phone service.

Choosing the right provider is the only challenge that remains. Just make sure you know what your needs are and gather information about various VoIP phone service providers. Axvoice is one of the emerging leaders in VoIP phone service, as it has low cost packages and superior quality.


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    • profile image

      James Wright 6 years ago

      We can't disagree with that. There are people who need need monthly plans also. Some of them need voip just for a few months and some clients can't pay the whole amount at once. For such clients monthly plans are more useful.

    • profile image

      Kim Gilmore 6 years ago

      No doubt, $99 plan is an outstanding plan and it is very popular in the voip users, it is making very good sales but still there are people who would like something else. There are people who might need voip service for a few months only so this plan is not suitable for them.

    • profile image

      Richard Esser 6 years ago

      If you are signing up with axvoice, why not the $99 plan? With this plan, you will get unlimited incoming and outgoing calls for one year. It costs you only around $8.25 per month. I don't think any provider is offering unlimited calls for that low amount.

    • profile image

      Mark Salvato 6 years ago

      Pay as you go plan is the best for home use. In $0 plan, you don't get any number so no one can call you. However, in pay as you go plan, you not only get a number but also you can use it on your computer as well as phone set. That makes is more perfrect for family use.

    • profile image

      Jared Ryan 6 years ago

      They are offering a $0 plan but you have to use it on your computer. This plan is more suitable for the students and bachelors who are living in hostels. At home this plan would be difficult to use as only those family members will use it who know the use of computer. Their pay as you go plan is better for home.

    • profile image

      Peter Edwards 6 years ago

      Well $10 is the price for unlimited calls. I am using Axvoice at even lower cost. I am a student and I am using axvoice service $0 plan. I started with them in free and whenever I need to call, I simply deposit the required amount and make a call via my lap top.

    • profile image

      John Doney 6 years ago

      Yes without any doubt, the maintenance cost of VoIP is extremely low. However, besides the maintenance cost, the plans and packages of VoIP service are also extremely low cost. Within $10, you can get unlimited local and international calls. What else you can expect from a phone company.

    • profile image

      Derek Cashman 6 years ago

      What I like about VoIP is its low operating cost. In fact you have to do nothing to keep it running. As the technology of VoIP is based on internet, so it is automatically maintained as you keep your internet lines up-to-date. Besides these efficient internet lines, you don't have to spend an single penny extra.


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