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VoIP Phone Service - The new face of telecommunication

Updated on September 27, 2011

VoIP phone service - The new face of telecommunication

There are many technologies out there and one of them emerging very fast is called VoIP. This is one of its kind technology with which you can either make free phone calls or even paid ones using the internet connection. Internet phone is not a new technology but recently the interest in it has increased significantly over time. VoIP, the abbreviation of voice over internet protocol is becoming stronger with each passing day as a key phone alternate in the telecom sector. Among many different reasons, one key reason has always been the cost factor that makes a lot of difference.

Home phone service to replace cell phones

The other area where internet phone is dominating is by replacing the cell phones. People who often need to travel to other parts of the world can now easily use the home phone serviceinstead of relying on the cell phones. The portability that internet phone offers is unparalleled and you can use the same phone number anywhere in the world and even receive all the calls coming onto your phone without the need to pay any extra cost for that.

Support for the softphone

One key advantage that has often been overlooked in comparing the home phone service with the ordinary phone service is the support for the softphone. Softphone is a piece of software that is installed on your PC or your mobile phone to help you use the services of the internet phone. When you are using the softphone on your personal computer, then you also need to have a headphone and a mic with which you can listen to and communicate with the person at the other end of the phone. However, as an alternate, you can also connect the low cost USB internet phones with your computer to achieve the same purpose. This is also useful for people that wish to use their home phone service on the move by just converting their laptop into a phone system within no time.

Local number with international access

Home phone service enables you to use your internet phone with your local number. No matter where you travel, when you have a local VoIP number of a place, all calls to that place or from that place on your phone will be counted as local. This is very advantageous for the business phone users as well as individuals with the need to go into the field. Business people can stay connected with all their stake holders and in the same way, domestic phone users can easily talk to their friends and family members from anywhere in the world.

Lowest possible calling rates

When we talk about the landline phones, the most buzzing thing that comes into mind is the high phone bills to pay. Home phone service providers offer highly reliable phone services to their customers at throw away calling rates enabling you to make national as well as international calls at very low costs. This is another big reason why people prefer to use internet phone instead of landline phones or cell phones.


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    • profile image

      David Berent 6 years ago

      It definitely gives your business a local look. I know many sales representatives make some personal kinda relationship with their clients even though they have never visited the client's City. This what VoIP is all about. They provide you features and it is up to you how intelligently you use these features and get maximum benefit of them.

    • profile image

      Duncan Elder 6 years ago

      Yes this is another very popular feature of Axvoice. People have opened their office in one city only and purchased numbers from every city in the country. One person on each line telling the clients he is speaking from their own city. That gives your business quite a local look.

    • profile image

      Charles Baskerville 6 years ago

      VoIP phone service may have many good as well as "not good" qualities. I don't know a lot about them but what I like about this new technology is its independence. It has given me the Independence to get a number from New York while I am living in Toronto. That way, I have to pay local call rates whenever I call a number in Toronto.