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VoIP – Rerouting to Alternative Telephone Numbers

Updated on November 6, 2012
Is Your Business Prepared for This?
Is Your Business Prepared for This?

Recovering from a Disaster

With VoIP, customers can achieve a level of flexibility that is simply unmatched with the traditional PSTN phone system. As a business, you have to look towards your interests and this includes preparing for the worst case scenario especially if you live near a coastal zone such as New York. If Hurricane Sandy proved anything last week, it was that disaster recovery plans are not a luxury - they are a necessity. Telephone lines are extremely resilient but even they can be taken out by a storm the size of Sandy. Many businesses were simply unavailable as their offices were flooded. Of course, there's not much you can do even with VoIP but at the very least you'd like to inform your customers what is happening, and perhaps handle the requests from a different branch office without making them call a separate number.

Say your company sells stuff online and your orders are delayed due to the storm. There's nothing wrong with this – even Amazon had problems with it's delivery timings. What is important however is that you let your customers know and perhaps give them an updated status if they call you. But you won't be able to do this if your telephone lines are down in the first place.

Transparent Rerouting

It would be great if you were able to direct all calls to an alternative telephone number without the caller being aware of this change. That way, there is no break in service from their point of view. You can provide them with the reassurance they need and let them know that regular operations will resume as soon as possible. With your old phone company this won't be possible – at least not without a lot of hassle. With VoIP, it is as simple as merely changing the settings in your setups configuration screen.

This also highlights the benefits of having a hosted PBX service rather than an in-house one. If your VoIP communication system is in the cloud, you are not at the mercy of an outage at any one given location. If a particular data center is down for whatever reason, others can pick up the slack and your business will experience no interruption in communications. Many firms and enterprises were able to take advantage of the benefits of hosted PBX VoIP systems during the recent crisis. VoIP in Los Angeles is easy to obtain with local providers. Contact an ITSP and see how you can take advantage of VoIP resilience.


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