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VoIP – Retain Control of Your Digital Life

Updated on August 7, 2012
Take Your VoIP Number with You Wherever You Go
Take Your VoIP Number with You Wherever You Go

Shackled to the telephone number

Most of us have at one point or another realized how hopelessly dependent we are on the telephone numbers that we supposedly own. In truth, you do not own that sequence of 10 digits around which your entire communication life revolves. It belongs to the telephone company and even though the FCC has recently put in place guidelines to ensure that customers retain as much control of their number as possible, they don't really have that control. There are technical reasons for this since the telephone number is linked to the broad geographic area in which the reside. This means that when you move to another place, there is no guarantee that you will be able to retain your identity.

As inconvenient at this might be for home users, it can spell disaster for a business that has carefully built up its brand name and marketing communication channels over several years. To make matters worse, you not only lose a steady inflow of customers, individuals also lose all access to anything related to that telephone number such as voicemail etc.

What we need is a robust, scalable, and flexible system to replace the traditional PSTN network that we have today. And to do so without breaking the regular flow of operations that is so familiar to us. This is exactly what VoIP promises and a huge percentage of businesses have already taken the lead and have adopted VoIP in one form or the other.

Relocating with VoIP

An SIP provider obtains a clutch of phone numbers from the telephone company. These numbers are rented or leased and are handed out to VoIP subscribers as necessary. Because VoIP is an Internet protocol, it is not as geographically dependent as the PSTN system is. This means that you can go wherever you want, and relocate to any part of the world and your VoIP telephone number will still be as safe and reliable as it ever was. This is because once you adopt VoIP, you no longer have to deal with the infrastructure of the traditional PSTN system.

As long as you have an Internet connection, all incoming calls will be directed to your SIP client regardless of whether you are using a landline VoIP phone, a mobile VoIP client, or even a soft phone running on a PC. This flexibility can be exploited for creating massive distributed call centers thereby cutting down costs and office requirements depending on your business model. If you live in Philadelphia for example, you can easily find a Philadelphia PBX provider who will set you up and help you build your mobile VoIP infrastructure.


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