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VoIP Rules the Changing Business World

Updated on July 23, 2013

The Changing Face of Business

The traditional PSTN phone system has remained the same in its essential workings for decades. Even though a lot of backend implementations have improved and companies like Verizon and AT&T are moving from copper wire to IP-based systems, it hasn't kept pace with the modern business world. Sure it can be tweaked and modified with some effort to suit your organization's needs, but it doesn't have the same fluidity and configurability that other solutions like VoIP enjoy.

The Internet has probably impacted the business world more than any other development in the past hundred years. It has enabled companies to create a mobile workforce that is not shackled to a single physical location. Offices in various parts of the world can now communicate seamlessly with each other and work entirely online. Smartphones are the second biggest change and have revolutionized the way people work. They can now remain productive even at home or in their vehicles.

A telephony system that keeps up with these changes is necessary. VoIP brings features and flexibility to the table that businesses simply cannot afford to ignore anymore. Doing so would mean losing out to competition in terms of cost efficiency, and ultimately lower profitability or higher costs to consumers.

VoIP for the new Business World
VoIP for the new Business World

VoIP Features Tailored for the Organization

Large enterprises these days have employees in many regions of the country or even the globe. For effective intercommunication, you cannot be constantly aware of the costs of long distance calling. While the regular phone system allows for free calls under certain circumstances, it can be difficult or even impossible to use the same phone service provider for all of your employees. A VoIP service on the other hand is accessible from anywhere because it is based off the Internet. As a result, your entire business can be brought under the same hosted PBX service without any hassles.

Easy conferencing options also benefit organizations that are communication intensive. IT companies for example regularly need to schedule meetings with clients as well as between various departments. Conference calls allow people to attribute to these discussions even when they're not in the same room. Options such as securing it with a password, allowing conversations to proceed in HD voice etc. are examples of features that the PSTN phone system cannot adequately match.

International calling is yet another benefit that can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. SIP PBX calls to other nations cost a mere fraction of those incurred by the PSTN phone system. The list of benefits keeps getting larger. VoIP being an Internet-based application can continue to add new features and capabilities that outstrip anything the older telecom companies can match.


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