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VoIP Service

Updated on August 5, 2011

VoIP service – a Quick and Innovative replacement for the old methods of communication

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP service makes a turning point in the realm of communication modifying the conventional modes of communication to a great extent. VoIP service finds its basis in the broadband internet connection unlike conventional telephony that allows long distance calls over considerably low rates. VoIP service sets the user free of any dependency on fixed landlines and telephone numbers which were characteristic to previous telephone systems. A high speed internet connection is the only thing that VOIP service demands.

The basic mechanism of VoIP service comprises the conversion of voice signals into digital signals which are then transferred through an internet connection either via a computer or a VoIP phone to the desired destination. The call can be made through a computer, a VoIP phone or even a conventional phone by attaching a special adapter to it. The voice generated through call basically comprises the analog signal that triggers the generation of electrical signals by the device under use. Electrical signals, in turn, are converted into digital sound and the entire conversion process is governed by a series of gateways and servers that collectively support the technology.

Transmission of voice in a form that is audible to human ear is governed by a circuit switched network termed as Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN. A protocol like SIP i.e. Session Initiation Protocol is responsible for controlling the process of connection, set up, dialing and disconnection during transmission of call. SIP protocol is now being used for modification and establishment of VoIP services.

VoIP service is highly beneficial for the users comprising several distinct features that were not to be found with the traditional telephonic processes. Several benefits collectively have rendered the VoIP service a preferred choice of a large number of people. The benefit that dominates the causes of VoIP service’s popularity is the fact that VoIP allows long distance calls at extremely low rates to all parts of the world. VoIP service enables the user to make international calls at rates far lower to the conventional modes. The cost efficiency associated with VoIP service is the major cause behind its ever increasing popularity amongst the masses. Business and corporate sector is also being benefitted by the VoIP service and more and more companies are opting for this service accepting it as a better mode than the conventional telephonic systems. Switches to VoIP service are enabling the companies to lower their communication budget to over thirty to fifty percent that carries the figure in billions for big multinational companies. Beneficial features like web browsing, emails and cheap long distance calls together make VoIP service a complete communication package. Voice messages and attachments are also supported by the VoIP service that help the corporate clients increase their productivity by assuring flawless communication and thus better coordinated moves.

With VoIP service being one revolutionary service in the realm of communication, Axvoice provides such service to do the justice to the clients and cater to their communication requirements in most contemporary manner.


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    • Nspeel profile image

      Nspeel 6 years ago from Myrtle Beach

      I use VOIP & grasshopper for our water & air treatment business, but didn't know a lot about it. Thanks a ton! Voted up

    • profile image

      Stephen Williams 6 years ago

      That is right. If someone is offering you free voip service, definitely, he has something in his mind. He has to make up this consession. Obviously, you are one who has to make up this loss from your own pocket. He will get money from you through one offer or the other.

    • profile image

      Carl Everett 6 years ago

      I completely agree with that. No one is offering free VoIP services just to benefit others. This is what you have to understand. If someone is offering something free, obviously, he will make up this consession in one way or the other.

    • profile image

      Andrew Perry 6 years ago

      Well I don't think anyone is offering any free voip service. The fact is no vendor is doing business just to benefit others. Everyone is selling voip services for his own profit. So if we say, someone is offering free voip service, that is a lie.

    • profile image

      Alexander Rose 6 years ago

      This is a fact. Free voip service providers are not reliable at all. They have no back up plans or call recording services. This is why, no one uses these free voip in their offices. Only students use them on their lap tops.

    • profile image

      Patrick Sherf 6 years ago

      We have to accept that these features are nothing but a revolution as far as the telecoms industry is concerned. However, there are providers which are offering free VoIP service but let me say, their service is not reliable at all.

    • profile image

      Jordan Secore 6 years ago

      It is true. Ordinary land line service providers had never thought of offering any features. They used to charge heavy bills even for very ordinary features. These are the voip service providers which have revolutionized the telecoms industry with these free but valuable features.

    • profile image

      James Wright 6 years ago

      Well, i don't think that there are any such issue, please use a good VoIP service and you won't have to complain. Don't rely on cheap voip services because they are really cheap in every sense.

    • profile image

      Chris Worden 6 years ago

      As far as the features of VoIP service are concerned, I would say these are the features that differentiate VoIP from any ordinary phone service. Ordinary land line service providers and mobile services can't even think of such hi-tech features.

    • profile image

      Brad Federico 6 years ago

      I have a lot of reservations on security of voip and the recent news on voip security issues makes me weary of this.