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VoIP Service Providers

Updated on April 25, 2013

Choice of Service Providers

VoIP has matured over the years and there are now many outlets offering sophisticated VoIP services to customers. Some are geared towards the retail user with limited features and simplified terms of service. Others are specifically tailored to serving organizations and incorporate much more functionality with the possibility of various add-ons.

SIP VoIP is a P2P protocol. That means for the duration of the call, the connection takes place directly between the two callers. But for the call to be set up in the first place, you require an SIP server. For this purpose, the SIP protocol is as close to a VoIP standard as we have gotten so far. When receiving a VoIP call, the chances are high that the other person will be using the regular PSTN phone system. You will have your own telephone number that they will be using to dial. The SIP server will receive a call on your behalf and will then get in touch with you and set up the communication between the VoIP Gateway and your device.

At your end, you will need to install an SIP client onto your phone, tablet, or your PC. The beauty of VoIP is that it is flexible. You can use it in whatever manner is most convenient. In addition, you can configure most VoIP services to automatically ring all of your devices at the same time so that you can pick up whichever is most convenient to you. If you're lying in bed with your tablet, you can take a call from there without having to locate your phone for example.

Features of SIP VoIP

A business can find many uses for the benefits offered with VoIP. For example, you can configure your own IVR system to efficiently route customers to various departments. Or you can implement configurable business hours so that calls directed to your office when it is closed are rerouted to another location that is open. Other benefits such as configurable voicemail, call conferencing etc. are all possible and different hosted SIP providers have different means of providing them. Some offer everything for a flat fee, others allow you to pick and choose what you need.

You can also ensure that all of your employees are covered under a single VoIP plan. This way all marketing calls can be routed through VoIP numbers that can be easily transferred to another employee in case anyone leaves thereby improving customer retention and preserving continuity. You can even order individual business VoIP phones for your organization as a replacement for regular landlines if needed. Because VoIP acts like just another Internet-based application, there are no limits to its flexibility and configurability. Let your SIP provider know about your requirements and they will find a way to satisfy them.


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