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VoIP and Free Inter-Employee Communication

Updated on November 13, 2013

The Importance of Inter Office Calls

The pace of VoIP adoption by consumers and companies alike is increasing day by day. What was once a relatively obscure communication technology being used only to make free calls on the Internet has now grown into a full-fledged competitor to traditional copper line networks. While reducing the cost of business communication is still the biggest selling point of VoIP, organizations are beginning to realize that it offers a host of other benefits that are not immediately evident.

One such feature being promoted by vendors is free inter-employee communication or in other words, free calls between multiple offices of the company. With more companies having multiple branches all over the country and in many cases around the world, this feature has become indispensable. Even small and medium businesses are starting to utilize free interoffice calls as more of their employees start working from home or remote locations.

Inter Employee Communication
Inter Employee Communication

VoIP Solutions

For many companies, interoffice communication forms a significant part of phone calls made by employees. Collaboration on company-wide projects such as product launches or implementing a new marketing strategy would involve different groups scattered across several offices. Departments such as HR often need to contact employees as part of their daily routine. All of these calls can add up fairly quickly on a traditional service plan.

Even though some carriers offer free calling between offices on certain packages, they are often expensive and do not work for locations in other countries. Even if you do manage to find an inexpensive interoffice calling option with a carrier, you are limited to making those calls from a landline or mobile device provided they operate on the same network. Organizations using VoIP, on the other hand, can talk freely with their employees no matter where they’re located. Employees can make calls from any device whether it is a computer, analog/SIP phone or mobile device.

Free interoffice calls benefit companies in other ways as well. It improves productivity since workers do not have to worry about the cost of making calls. Employees are likely to collaborate more often on various projects when barriers to communication are removed. This is especially important for managers who travel a lot between various locations but still need to be connected to their teams. No wonder enterprises around the world are using such business VoIP phone features to stay competitive in a globalized business environment while reducing the costs of communication (both internal and external) at the same time.


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