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VoIP and the power of Extensions

Updated on August 25, 2010

Managing Extensions

It takes a lot of effort to set up your phone network just right. Small businesses which run in a restricted area may be able to do it without much difficulty, but the problem is compounded and magnified for those which are spread out over a wide area and over multiple offices.

Traditional PBX systems try and manage inter office calls by using extensions, and for the most part they do an OK job. But as before, when the scale of the organizations increases, the costs become prohibitive and management of extensions becomes a big hassle.

With the advent of VoIP based telecommunications, such jobs become easy - almost trivial. Because of the ability to use the PC to configure VoIP communications, it's possible to have rich graphical applications that make configurations a snap. In addition, because VoIP is Internet based, the additional costs are negligible or entirely absent - one of the strengths of the Internet namely scalability, is manifested in this way.

Businesses using hosted VoIP systems are thus not only able to cut down on costs, they can also reduce management and operational overhead. In fact, they might not even be aware of how tough it is with regular PSTN based PBX systems!

Extensions in VoIP
Extensions in VoIP

Benefits of VoIP Extensions

With the right hosting provider, you can see your extensions being set up in a matter of minutes. Lots of VoIP providers try and charge businesses for every little thing - what we call "nickel and diming" customers. However, a good VoIP business will charge you nothing extra for the usage of extensions.

This means that extensions will be unlimited and so will the number of users. The beauty of VoIP is that any resource can be assigned an extension. Even those who have external phone numbers. Used in this way, the feature becomes very similar to a company wide speed dial! This can lead to an increase in productivity as there is a central location for all important external resources.

For example, how many times have people found themselves scrambling to get their electricity provider on the phone? Or the water department? Such destinations can be easily programmed into the system and a quick lookup will give you the extension! You can even use words for services like "WATER" to make it easy to remember!

It should be clear by now that the uses of VoIP based systems are only limited by one's imagination. Also, HD voice complements VoIP making all your communications a snap. Once you use a VoIP system, you just can't go back.


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