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VoIP for Cheaper Mobile Communication

Updated on June 19, 2013
Cheap VoIP Calls
Cheap VoIP Calls

Over the Top (OTT) VoIP

The Internet is giving birth to a new breed of products that make use of existing networks in order to provide services that previously were available only on a dedicated network. One example is text messaging. Just a few years ago, telecom companies were raking in billions of dollars in profits by charging people for SMS's. Never mind the fact that the technology behind the SMS was such that it cost them virtually nothing to implement. It was all profit. Then the iPhone came along and the mobile smart phone market exploded. The demand for wireless data increased along with it and now we have a plethora of services that do the job of the SMS just as well either for free or at a miniscule cost. The Internet is proving to be the granddaddy of all networks and its flexibility is allowing it to usurp much of the specialized infrastructure that previously had a single function.

The latest disruption with this trend is the emergence of VoIP. VoIP stands for Voice over IP and it pertains to carrying your speech over the Internet instead of the telephone line. Most of us have used it in some form or the other – either with Skype, smartphone applications like Viber or WhatsApp, or even the ever reliable GTalk and Yahoo chat systems. There was a time when VoIP was unreliable due to the paucity of good bandwidth and unreliable data connections. But VoIP has adapted and broadband in the United States has become more than sufficient to handle high-quality Internet based conversations.

There are many solutions that can allow you to talk for free. Gmail calling has been available for about three years now for those residing in the United States and Canada. But if you truly want to replace the traditional PSTN phone system, you need something more specialized. A hosted phone service for example will be able to replicate the telephone service that you're accustomed to with your own DID number. But VoIP is so much more than just a regular phone replacement!

To start off with not only are the rates lower for local calls, but it reduces the cost of international calling by several orders of magnitude. Have loved ones you need to talk to in another country? VoIP will enable you to talk your hearts content without worrying about racking up huge telephone bills. And this doesn't even begin to mention the features available with such a system. You can connect several devices to a single telephone number so that you can answer a call with whatever is at hand. Contact a local SIP service in Chicago to find out how you can get started today.


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