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How VoIP can help small businesses look bigger

Updated on August 30, 2013

Most organizations, no matter how large they are today, had to start small. Technology startups even take pride in being small, flexible and nimble. However, in most cases consumers tend to think of big companies as being responsible and dependable, even when it’s not always true. It is no surprise then, that most small businesses in other industries strive to project the image of a larger one.

There are a few ways in which VoIP can help your business appear larger than it really is:

Presenting a professional front
Presenting a professional front

Automated receptionist

This VoIP feature offers a professional way of answering calls. Callers can press a number according to the person or group they need to talk to and the call is automatically routed. It can also play custom recorded messages while on hold or repeat necessary instructions. Even if it is the same person handling multiple roles, as is often the case in a small office, having different extension numbers for various departments increases confidence in the business for consumers. You may even be able to reduce the number of people answering phones, freeing them up to engage in more productive tasks.

VoIP numbers can reach employees anywhere

VoIP numbers can be setup to ring many devices at once or in a particular order, so your employees never miss a business call. They can be configured to ring only certain devices on weekdays or to try ringing the landline first, followed by mobile and then the home number of the employee till the call is answered. This means whether you are on a jobsite or traveling, customers can always reach you or an employee instead of voicemail.

Expand business geographically but stay local

Sometimes your business will need to expand internationally or just to a new city. You may decide to open a small office with just two people or have employees working from home. VoIP numbers with local area codes allow you to convey the impression of a large organization with toll free numbers, even though your business is in another time zone. Call forwarding and virtual numbers can make your customers feel comfortable with their ‘local’ office, even when support is being provided from another state or country.

Advanced business VoIP calling features like call forwarding, virtual and local numbers, automated assistants and multiple device ring can together make your small business look bigger while offering a seamless and professional experience to your customers.


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